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by Surojit Palmal
Taki Picnic Spot

Winter time is the official time for picnics. When we feel the nip in the air, with beautiful weather and even more beautiful nature, our heart calls for some outdoor activities. I am sure you all must already be bored of the regular life and especially if you are in Kolkata. We all are tired of seeing those constructions and buildings and traffic jams right? In such scenarios our mind and heart keeps on searching for some refreshment, some change. And what can be better than a fun picnic, what say? Furthermore, picnics are one such activity that people of all ages can enjoy. With the whole family, or with a big gang or friends or for a school or office picnic. I have a great suggestion for you all. The place I am talking about is the Taki Picnic spot.

I am sure a lot of you must have already heard about Taki picnic spot. If you are searching for a picnic spot near Kolkata where you can travel during the morning. And simply return by the night, nothing can beat Taki Picnic Spot. The scenic beauty, lush greenery along with some great sightseeing options would be the perfect option for you for a one day picnic. In this article I will mention everything about Taki Picnic Spot. So if you are interested in knowing everything about this location then keep on reading this article.

Taki Picnic Spot

A lot of people think that Taki Picnic Spot in Kolkata is a spot located in Kolkata. It is located in the North 24 Parganas district in the Basirhat Subdivision. It can also be called an offbeat destination for a holiday or weekend getaway. But as popular as Taki Picnic Spot is, nothing can beat that. On the bank of the Ichamati River lies this quaint location near Kolkata. Taki picnic Spot distance from Kolkata is only 75 km. You can reach there by a car and also return by night as well.

How to reach Taki Picnic Spot

By train

By far the best route to reach Taki picnic spot is via train. You will get trains from Sealdah Station like Hasnabad Local and then reach Taki Road railway Station. Furthermore you will get Toto or Rickshaws outside the Station to reach your designated location.

By road

If you are driving from Kolkata then you should drive through Science City to Malancha Road and from there you can drive through the Malancha Basirhat Highway to reach Taki Picnic Spot. There is another route Via Barasat Chapadali More that you can take too. From Kolkata you can reach Barasat and then take the Berachampa Basirhat Highway to reach Taki Picnic Spot.

Furthermore buses are also available from Esplanade in Kolkata which would take you to Taki in about 3 hours.

Best time to visit Taki Picnic Spot

You can visit Taki during any time of the year. But if we are talking about the Taki Picnic Spot then of course the winter season would be the ideal time to visit here. The weather will be at its best along with the joy of holidays. Furthermore one of the most special things available here is the Patali Gur or the Date Palm Jaggery which is only available here during winter season. So if you are visiting here in winter you must not miss out this deliciousness.

However, even the time of Durga Puja holds a lot of relevance in Taki. The Dashami or the last day of Puja is celebrated here with much grandeur. What catches everyone’s attention is the immersion of the Goddess on the Ichamati River. Taki Picnic spot is located on the bank of Ichamati River and Ichamati River is shared by Bangladesh as well. On the day of Dashami the immersion of both the countries can be observed from here which is one of the most interesting activities to witness here. So you can plan your visit accordingly.


Places to visit in Taki Picnic Spot

Taki Picnic Spot is all about beautiful scenic spots, rivers flowing by, ancient Zamindari palaces and a lot more. Some of the popular tourist spots that you can visit here are

Ichamati River
Ichamati River

One of the main attractions of Taki Picnic Spot is undoubtedly the Ichamati River. And what catches more attention here is the unique boat ride here. As I have mentioned already, the Ichamati River is enjoyed by both India and Bangladesh. Basically the Ichamati River passes over the Indo Bangladesh border. While you indulge in boating over the river you can see boats with Indian flags on it which is like a demarcation that the boat belongs to the Indian side. Likewise you will also get to see boats with Bangladeshi flags hoisted on them that shows that the boat belongs to Bangladesh. Now how cool is it to ride over the same river while being a resident of two different countries?

If you are interested in experiencing this unique activity then a boat ride on the Ichamati River is a must for you. If you are boating with 20 other people then the cost would be around Rs. 40 per person. Otherwise you can also hire the whole boat for yourself or if you are a couple. In that scenario you will have to pay for the full boat. By a boat ride you can reach the middle of the river while still being on the Indian side and you will be able to see the Bangladeshi tourists on the Bangladeshi boats as well. What is exciting is sometimes they even wave back. So you can try waving back at them too.

Golpata Forest
Golpata Forest

This is a very famous canopy jungle pathway in Taki Picnic Spot which is lovingly called the Mini Sundarban. Now we don’t call every other place as Sundarban right. But trust me when I say this, it is Sundar that is beautiful and it is a forest which makes it apt as a Sundarban. A journey of walking through this beautiful forest trail can be thrilling as well as exciting and fun too. You can find beauty here at every corner which would be breathtaking to look at.

Usually it is tough to walk through muddy mangroves but here the authorities have taken care of that. They have made a concrete bridge here for the tourists so that they won’t have to walk through the muddy knee deep water. It would be very exciting to enjoy everything from a safe height as well. Furthermore the trail would lead you to reach the banks of the river and from there you will be able to see Bangladesh from a close proximity.

However while visiting here you will have to keep one thing in mind and that is you will need to carry a valid ID proof to reach here. If you are travelling solo or in a group all the people should carry their ID proof as the BSF may ask you to present it in front of them while entering this place.

Puber Bari

It is one of the old Zamindar Bari which was once inhabited by the Zamindars. But at present this one stands as an abandoned property and most of it is in ruins and it is crumbling down even further. But it is one of the spots that people love visiting near Taki picnic spot.

Durga Dalan Mandir

It is believed that the Durga Dalan is almost more than 300 years old. This is the place where the community puja in Taki happens during Durga Puja. Durga Puja holds a lot of importance in Taki and this structure is the proof for that. This Dalan is only open for visitors during the Durga Puja. Another unique thing about the Durga Dalan is that the Durga idol is made at this spot only and not outsourced from anywhere.


This is a Joramandir or Twin Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the temples are almost 400 years old. Furthermore these vintage temples hold a lot of importance among the locals here. Located on the bank of a pond, this is like one of the most majestic sights that you can enjoy near Taki Picnic Spot.

Kuleshwari Kali Bari Temple

This is yet another old temple in Taki, a picnic spot that is very much important for the devotees here. They believe that the presiding deity here Devi Kali fulfills the wishes of her devotees if they pray to her with a pure heart.

Taki Picnic Spot Hotel

Mostly Taki Picnic spot is ideal for a one day visit but if anyone wants to stay back and spend the night here they can get some options of good hotels here like Hotel Sonar Bangla Taki, Rupashi Bangla Lodge, Taki Sunrise Guest House, Taki Municipality Guest House etc.

Wrapping Up!

You can check out the Taki picnic spot images and be convinced about how beautiful this place looks. Also nobody can deny the fact that this place has a lot to offer to its visitors and that shows in the popularity of this spot already. So if you are looking for a picnic spot near Kolkata you must consider visiting the Taki Picnic Spot and I am sure you will have a lot of fun here. So do let me know if this particular article was helpful for you in planning a perfect fun picnic to Taki picnic spot. Enjoy the chill and also chill with your near and dear ones. 

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