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by Surojit Palmal
Ganpatipule Temple

People who love exploring different temples find it really exciting to go through the history of these temples. The ancient temples that you can find in India are some of the most exciting locations to visit. From the backdrop to history as well as the architecture there is so much that you can explore at these temples. And if you are in Maharashtra there is one such temple that is one of the popular temples in the area as well. This is the Ganpatipule Temple located in Ganpatipule. The beautiful town got its name from this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. And for the devotees of Lord Ganesha this temple holds a lot of importance as well. Located close to the beach the ambiance of this temple is serene and peaceful along with being picturesque. So you must plan a visit to this temple of Lord Ganesha.

One of the factors that make this temple even more significant is the fact that this temple is really old and the deity here is in the Swayambhu form. A lot of myths as well as legends of this temple also however makes it significant. The devotees believe that the deity here would fulfill their wishes. So devotees from all over the country come and visit this temple to pray for their wish fulfillment. The architecture and the backdrop of this temple further looks really impressive. So if you are visiting this area make sure you are definitely visiting this temple. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about the Ganpatipule Temple. This will be a helpful article for you if you are planning to visit this temple of Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra.

Ganpatipule Temple

Location: Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

TimingsGanpatipule Temple timings are from 5 am to 9 pm

Morning Aarti 5 am to 5:30 am

Noon Aarti 12 pm to 12:30 pm

Evening Aarti 7 pm to 7:30 pm

Khichdi Prasad Timing 12 pm to 2 pm

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the Ratnagiri Airport is the nearest airport to reach this temple. The Ganpatipule Temple distance from the airport is about 26.1 km away. It would approximately take you around 50 minutes to reach the temple from the Ratnagiri Airport. This is a domestic airport so you will get flights from different cities to reach Ratnagiri. From the airport you can take a car or else hire a cab to reach the location of the temple easily.

The nearest international airport to reach the Ganpatipule Temple is the Pune International Airport. From the Pune airport the temple is located at a distance of 295.5 km away. It would take you around a little less than 7 hours to reach the temple from Pune. Buses are available on this route that you can opt for to reach this temple. And you can also take a car or hire a cab as well to reach the location from the Pune airport.

By train

While travelling in a train the nearest railway station is the Ratnagiri Railway Station. From the Ratnagiri Railway Station the distance of the temple is 28.5 km away. It would approximately take you around 55 minutes to reach the temple from the Ratnagiri station. From the station the most convenient way to reach the temple would be to take a car or else hire a cab.

By road

The roads to reach this temple are serene and picturesque so you can travel by road as well. The roads are also well connected to highways so you can travel from any location to reach the temple. Buses are available from different locations to reach Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule that you can opt for. From Ratnagiri Bus Stop MSRTC State Buses are available on this route. You can travel by buses from locations like Mumbai, Belgaum, Pune, Kolhapur etc. Or else you can take a cab or take a car from any location to reach the temple. However after a certain point the pilgrims will have to walk up to the temple as the temple is located on a hilltop.

Overview of Ganpatipule Temple

Overview of Ganpatipule Temple
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Located around 350 km away from Mumbai the Ganpatipule Temple is located in the Ratnagiri district of the Konkan Coast in the state of Maharashtra. The town got its name from the name of this temple and according to beliefs the temple is about 400 years old. The main attraction of this temple is the self manifested or Swayambhu idol of Lord Ganesha. Ancient scriptures and literature like Mudgal Puran have mentioned this temple. The temple holds even more significance as the one of the Astha Ganapatis or the eight Ganapatis of Hindu culture. Also the fact that it is a Swayambhu deity it is considered a part of eternal nature. Therefore the idol does not need any sculpturing or carving any further.

Unlike all other self manifested deities that face the east, here the deity of Lord Ganesha faces the west. Therefore he deity here is popular as the Paschim Dwarpalak or Paschim Dwar Devta which is the Western Sentinel God. According to beliefs here the deity faces the west so that he can protect the Western Ghats of the country.

Another major attraction here is the fountain spurring from the navel of the idol of Lord Ganesha on a typical monsoon day. For every devotee who gets to witness this glimpse it genuinely fills the heart of devotee with divinity. The present form of this temple was constructed between 1998 and 2003. The construction was carried on in such a way that it would give an impression of the temple being carved out of a single rock. The special stone used here is called the Agra Red Stone.


Ganpatipule Temple History

Ganpatipule Temple History
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The legends and myths associated with this temple go 500 years back. It was a time about 500 years back during the Mughal rule that there was a Kevada forest at the same location where the current structure of the temple is located. At that time there was a Brahmin named Balbhatji Bhide who lived here. At that time he faced a serious personal calamity. As he was a very serious person he decided that he would give up on food and water till he recovers from his problem. Therefore he started staying at the Kevada forest and performed penance by worshipping Lord Ganesha.

At that time Bhide had a dream where he saw Lord Ganesha. In his dream Lord Ganesha told him that he has come to Ganesh Gule in his Nirakar or void so that he can relieve all his devotees. He also asked him to worship here. At the same time there was a cow who was not giving milk. So the cowherd kept a close watch on that cow and noticed that the milk was flowing from the cow at the place where the deity is present currently. The cowherd narrated this incident to Bhide and they started clearing the whole area as well. Upon clearing the area he was astonished to find the same idol of Lord Ganesha that he had earlier seen in his dream. He immediately built a shrine on a grass top and started worshipping there.


 What’s more?

Later one of the trusted ministers of Shivaji Maharaj, Secretary Annaji Datta erected a dome and replaced the grass top here. Later Sardar Govindrap Bundele from the court of Peshwa constructed the auditorium here. Then the Secretary of Kolhapur Sansthan Vasudeorao Barve constructed a gold plated dome summit here. Nanasaheb Peshwa also arranged for a continuous lamp “Nanadeep” here. Madhavrao Peshwa built the Sabhamandap of this temple and Ramabai Peshwa constructed the permanent hard stone construction for the devotees.

Ganpatipule Temple Pradakshina

The Pradakshina at the temple is one of the rituals that the devotees follow here. The temple is located at the foothill of a small hill located by the sea shore. The devotees believe that they should take a Pradakshina around the hill instead of only visiting the temple. This Pradakhina reflects the utmost faith and belief in the Lord and shows obeisance to the deity. At the entrance to the north you will find a huge gate. There are also two elephants with their trunks raised that stand on both the sides of the gate. You will furthermore find a large bronze Mushak or mouse here near the gate. Mushak is the carrier or Bahana of Lord Ganesha and therefore you will find him at all the temples of Lord Ganesha.

The devotees believe that if anyone prays here for any of their wish fulfillment then they can whisper the wish into the ears of the Mushak. And then their wish will get fulfilled after they have whispered it. This is one such belief that the devotee who visits this temple believes in.


Hotels near Ganpatipule Temple

1.       MTDC Resort Ganpatipule

2.       Hotel Shiv Sagar Palace

3.       Westbay Resort and Spa

4.       Hotel Durvankur

5.       Ganesh Krupa Deluxe

6.       Greenleaf The Resort & Spa

7.       Hotel Landmark Ganpatipule

8.       Ekdant Hotel and Restaurant

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Ganpatipule Temple in Maharashtra and now you can just plan a trip to this temple as soon as you can. It is an ancient temple and holds a lot of importance for the devotees. Especially for the devotees of Lord Ganesha this temple holds a lot of significance. Devotes truly believe that the deity here can fulfill their wishes and can relieve them from their problems. The legends and myths associated with this temple further makes the temple more important. You can surely visit this temple during any time of the year. But if you visit here during any festival then you would actually get to witness a different side of the temple as well. It is one of the most prominent temples of Lord Ganesha and therefore devotees from all over the country visit here to seek the blessings of the presiding deity.

So when are you planning a visit to this temple of Lord Ganesha? And let me know if this article on Ganpatipule Temple is helpful for you in planning a trip to this temple. 

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