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by Surojit Palmal
Darjeeling to Mirik

Darjeeling, the Queen of hill stations is one of the most beautiful locations that you can visit. Nestled amidst mountains it offers a captivating view of nature. This has been a favourite destination since the time of Colonial rule. And till today Darjeeling enjoys being one of the most visited tourist destinations. Because of the all encompassing view and the pleasant weather the place witnesses a chunk of crowd on a regular basis. Also the many sightseeing spots here are one of the major attractions here as well. However when you are visiting Darjeeling you must take a day or two so that you can visit the nearby locations. One such location is Mirik and the Darjeeling to Mirik is one of fascinating journeys that you can opt for.

Darjeeling to Mirik

Distance from Darjeeling to Mirik is only about 2 hours and it can be an alluring journey in itself. Also there are various sightseeing points in Mirik that you can enjoy visiting. So whenever you are travelling to Darjeeling do take out some time for the Darjeeling to Mirik journey as well. It will be extremely enjoyable and thrilling at the same time. If you are wondering about how you can travel from Darjeeling to Mirik then do not worry. In this article I will mention everything about the Darjeeling to Mirik journey. So keep on reading this article to know every information that you might need to plan a successful trip to this location.

Overview of Darjeeling to Mirik trip

Mirik is a small town in Darjeeling district and it is a picturesque location offering beautiful landscape. Darjeeling to Mirik distance is 49 km, that is 30 miles and it takes around two and a half hours to reach there in a car. The whole journey from Darjeeling to Mirik goes through beautiful sprawling tea gardens. You will travel through slopes and hilly terrains that makes the whole journey even more exciting. A road from Ghum goes through the busy town of Sukhiapokhri that is around 11 km away from Ghum. The same road continues through the scenic tea estates like Thurbo Tea Estate of Goodricke and Gopaldhara.


How to reach Mirik from Darjeeling

You can find regular private taxis or shared jeeps to travel this distance by road. Darjeeling to Mirik taxi fare is around Rs. 2500 to Rs. 2800 if you are opting for small private taxis. For a round trip to Mirik from Darjeeling, the fare would be around Rs. 3500 for a small car. You can travel between 9 am to 4 pm. Trips like this cover Jorpokhri, which is a small forested area with a lake. Then it stops at Simana which is the border village. It would then take you to the Pashupati Market which is located at the India Nepal Border. From there finally you will reach Mirik. If you are taking larger vehicles like Bolero or Sumo you can expect a higher rate of additional Rs. 500.

Shared jeep rides are also popular here. You can travel through them from 7 am to 3 pm in the afternoon. Individual cost for these rides starts from Rs. 200 per person. Shared jeeps are available from Chowk Bazaar motor stand. However you can get private taxis from mostly all stands, especially from Clubside Taxi Stand and Chowk Bazar.

From Mirik you will find shared jeeps from both Krishnanagar stands as well as from Mirik Market. Tickets are available from the kiosks of the bus stands itself. There is Darjeeling to Mirik bus as well that leaves from Chowk Bazar in the morning around 8 am and usually the ticket price starts from Rs. 60. In case of shared jeeps and buses you will not be able to cover the Jorpokhri, Simana and Pashupati market though.

Route from Darjeeling to Mirik

Darjeeling to Ghum is 8 km via Hill Cart Road

Ghum to Sukhiapokhri is 12 km

Sukhiapokhri to Pashupati Market is 13 km

Pashupati Market to Mirik is 13 km

Best time to visit Mirik

The ideal time to visit here is between March to May and again from September to December. During both the times the weather here is different, From March the weather is a little warm so you will be able to enjoy the outdoor activities well. From mid September however the climate starts getting chilly again. Also during winter you will be able to enjoy the snow capped view of the mountain peaks as well. So you can choose your own preferred season to visit here.

Darjeeling to Mirik sightseeing

It is always better if you can start a little early for your journey. The journey starts from Darjeeling and goes to Sukhiapokhri. From there after a short 2 km uphill drive you can reach Jorpokhri. This is basically a very small hill top location with two twin lakes. The whole area is surrounded with lush green forest. You can also enjoy a pristine view of Kanchenjunga from there. Some rare creatures like Himalayan Salamanders are also present here which are almost at the verge of extinction. You can spend up to 40 to 45 minutes here while exploring the beautiful landscape. Walk around the lakes and forest while basking into the sun. However if you are in a rush then you can also visit here when you are returning from Mirik.

From Jorpokhri you will have to return to Sukhiapokhri Market Area. Then after a 20 minutes journey you will reach the Simana Viewpoint. This is basically a viewing area which is a 60 feet by 40 feet plateau. Simana means Border in Hindi language and this location is also the Indo Nepal border. The road here is in India however the viewing area lies in Nepal. It is one of the most unique locations here along with being one of the most popular sightseeing spots as well. Also you can very easily cross the border here to enjoy the breathtaking views here.

A beautiful view of Manebhanjan is visible from here on a clear day. On the other side of the valley you can enjoy the beautiful view of winding roads to Sandakphu as well. And the snow capped peaks of Kanchenjunga are also visible from here.

What’s more?

From Simana there is a long way that acts as a divider between India and Nepal. Mostly, Nepalese reside here and the culture, language and lifestyle of people on both sides are the same. However the only difference is that they belong to two different countries as it is visible on their voter ID cards. They can move freely across the road which is also the border between the two countries. Simana is a location where you can find many small stalls selling quick bites and snacks along with tea. You will also find small shops selling chocolates, alcoholic beverages etc.

Further as you move forward you will find the Pashupati market entrance located at the India Nepal border. The main market is about 1 km away and you can take a Nepali taxi from the border at the cost of Rs. 250 for a round trip. Or if you are travelling in your own vehicle then there is a Rs. 350 permit charge if you wish to visit the main market. Only Indians and Nepalese can cross the border after completing the border security check that takes very minimum time. Keep in mind that you will have to carry a valid photo ID like Adhar card, Voter Card or Passport for the formalities.

After visiting the market you will have to move towards Mirik. It is about 12 km away from the Pashupati market at an elevation of 5000 feet. On the way don’t forget to visit the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. You can taste some hot cups of tea from here along with buying some for taking back home with you. They do sell packaged tea fresh from the gardens here.

Mirik Sightseeing

Next when you reach Mirik you will find some even alluring locations to visit. First you must go and visit the splendid Mirik Monastery. And after that the next spot is Mirik Lake. Undoubtedly these two are the top attractions in Mirik. You will find separate areas for parking here so visiting the places would not be a hassle at all. Mirik Lake is a pristine lake and is a perfect spot for spending some relaxed time. You can indulge in boating here as well. From there you can cross a footbridge and take the walkway through the Dhupi Forest. There is a temple here amidst the forest called Devi Sthan. On the side of the lakes Pony rides are also one of the common tourist attractions.

On one side there was a flat land which is now a beautiful fenced garden. There are seats here where you can sit and relax and spend some time. There is no entry fee to enter the garden so you can enter here just like that. It is like a nice picnic spot here.

On the right side of the lake you will find restaurants, small shops selling bags and umbrellas, soft toys, clothes etc. Also some food stalls are here selling chaats, momos, thukpa and tea. You can also visit the Mirik Market as well and check out the fancy items there and collect some souvenirs for yourself. There is another monastery here which is known as the Bokar Monastery. More than 500 monks are involved here in various learning activities and also in studying and practicing the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Wrapping Up!

The Darjeeling to Mirik journey is one of the most beautiful journeys which is dotted with multiple sightseeing spots. It can be a perfect day trip for you if you wish to travel here during the day and return by the night. However, for people who would like to prefer to stay at Mirik, they can even opt for that. All the sightseeing spots here are unique and packed with a lot of activities to offer the viewers. From shopping to boating you can enjoy it all here. This is an enjoyable journey for anyone visiting Darjeeling.

So next time when you are visiting Darjeeling you must keep some time in hand for the Darjeeling to Mirik journey. Plan your trip well and you are definitely going to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing spots here. So let me know when you are planning a trip to Darjeeling and if you are planning for a Darjeeling to Mirik journey along with it. And don’t forget to let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. I would love to know that from you so surely leave some comments.

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