11 Best Restaurants in Darjeeling

by Surojit Palmal
Best Restaurants in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a globally recognised tourist spot, primarily known for the Kanchenjunga Range View and the greenery of the tea garden. But there is another unique thing about this place: its food variety. Darjeeling is such a tourist place where people from different cultures and different places live together, therefore it is a hub for different cuisines. If you’re wondering about Where to Eat your lunch or dinner in Darjeeling here is a list of places you may check out.

Best Restaurants in Darjeeling


Keventers Darjeeling
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

It is amongst the best places to eat traditional English breakfast in Darjeeling serving a variety of dishes including pork sausages, chicken salami, sandwiches, bacon, ham etc. It is situated at Nehru Rd of Darjeeling and remains open from 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. This place is a restaurant cum cafe that offers great flavours of Darjeeling tea. This famous restaurant was established during the British colonial era in 1911 by Mr Edward Keventers. Keventers is quite famous for its products of milk, and this led to in-house ice cream production.

Kunga Restaurant

Located at Gandhi Road of Chowk Bazar, Kunga Restaurant is a small yet Famous restaurant in Darjeeling. The place is very near to the upper taxi stand on Gandhi Road. The opening time of this place is from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is very famous for its local delicious Street foods as well as several Tibetan dishes. Their list of most in demand food items includes steamed momo, soup, Tibetan meat, pies, thukpas etc. Even at this low price range of food, the quantity they serve is quite large. It is hard to get a table in this restaurant during rush hour as the place is very miniature here.


Glenary’s Darjeeling

Glenary of Darjeeling is a cafe and bakery shop famous for its pastries, cakes and patties. This bakery is a part of the restaurant placed on the first floor of the same building. The cafe serves different kinds of sandwiches, burgers and pastries during breakfast time, whereas on the other hand, the restaurant serves a large range of different continental, Indian and Chinese dishes. Glenary’s restaurant is widely popular for its tandoor, Chinese and continental platters. They also have a bar that serves both Indian as well as foreign liquors. In Darjeeling, Glenary’s comes under the list of most demanding eating places.

Hot Stimulating Cafe

Situated at Lebong cart road of Richmond Hill, Hot Stimulating Cafe serves delicious Asian, Tibetan and Nepali cuisine. It is possessed by a lady named Lily and comes on the way to the zoo. This roadside local cafe serves a special local brew named Chaag, which tastes like beer. It serves its customers from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Average cost per person is nearly Rs.300/-

Sonam’s Kitchen

In Darjeeling, the restaurant Sonam’s Kitchen is the appropriate place to enjoy American and continental dishes. It is situated at Dr Zakir Hussain Road in chowrasta. Their long list of breakfast menus includes pancakes, porridge, bread sandwiches, hashbrowns and many more. They also offer different kinds of soups, coffee and tea. It is owned by a Nepali lady named Sonam and her husband. Primarily it used to be a garage space used as a small eatery, nowadays it has become very popular and has extended its space.


It is a bar cum restaurant in Darjeeling situated at Nehru Road of chowk bazar. Along with a relaxed environment, this restaurant also has a domain in preparing delicious Chinese, Tibetan and Indian food. It is built upon a heritage building. It has been segregated into two parts, the portion ground floor is a restaurant and the upper floors consist of hotel rooms. The most loved dishes of this restaurant by its customers are momos and different pork recipes. The comfortable environment, peaceful sitting mouth-watering dishes, wooden floors, well-mannered staff and the view of the mountain ranges of Darjeeling have made this place the best restaurant to enjoy a meal.

Lunar Restaurant

The famous vegetarian restaurant of Darjeeling is located on Gandhi Road near the taxi stand. Other than Chinese and local cuisine, this place also serves South Indian dishes like idli, dosa etc. The average cost per person is around 300. The restaurant offers services from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Notable dishes of this restaurant are paratha, paneer curry, veg Manchurian, tandoor plates etc.


To taste authentic Naga cuisine at Darjeeling one must head towards Revolver. Is a part of the revolver lodge. The complete place is decorated on the theme of the rock band named Beatles at 110 Gandhi Road near Union Chapel. The owners Aslena and Vikas have divided the area into two parts, one of them is a lounge area with a good collection of books at a low sitting area, and the other section has table chairs like regular restaurants. However, few rules have been imposed after the pandemic period, therefore it is necessary to make reservations before reaching there.

The Park

Be it enjoying the enchanting mountain view from the windows sight dinner table or having your private party, the Park is the best place for both. It is located on Laden la Road, opposite the SBI Bank. It is the best place to enjoy Chinese as well as Thai food. The decoration and interior of this place are also attractive. Tom yum soup, red curry, and sweetie noodles are some of the best dishes in this restaurant.

Gatty’s Cafe

This is a newly opened cafe situated on Zakir Hussain Street near Tungsung Basti. The main attraction of the restaurant is aerobic and Italian food. With a dim light decoration Along with art and music space, this place offers a great ambience. Ambiance of the café is also very welcoming where every evening live music is being performed. This cafe remains open till midnight, which is a very unusual phenomenon in the hilly region like Darjeeling. Other than the advantage of acquiring a spectacular mountain view, this dining place also has a corner for book lovers with a good reserve of books.

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