How to reach Darjeeling by Train, Flight, Bus

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How to reach Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a hill station, located in the north region of west bengal, India. Darjeeling is popular for Himalayan railway, tea plantations and also as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Normally there are no trains and flights available to reach Darjeeling directly. 

There have 3 ways to reach darjeeling:-

1. Train (How to reach Darjeeling by Train):-

Nearest railway station to Darjeeling is Siliguri Junction & New Jalpaiguri Junction.In India there are a lot of trains which run on a regular basis from multiple cities to Siliguri and the new jalpaiguri railway junction. If from your city there is no direct train available then don’t worry you can reach kolkata first and from kolkata you can easily reach darjeeling within 12 hours by bus, train or car. In this blog I will guide you how to reach Darjeeling from Kolkata as well.
As I already said, to reach darjeeling by train there are two railway stations. But from most of the city direct trains are available only for New Jalpaiguri Junction.

If you reach New Jalpaiguri Junction then you will get private cab or share cab options to reach darjeeling. For a share cab it will charge around 400-600 rupees per person but if you are a budget traveller then take a share auto for siliguri junction, auto fare will be around 30-40 rupees which takes time 15 minutes to reach siliguri junction. At Siliguri junction you will get more options for shared cab and charges also low around 300-400 rupees per person. 

How to reach Darjeeling by Train

Private cab price from NJP to Darjeeling is around 3000-5000 rupees. From Siliguri to Darjeeling around 2500-4000 rupees. Just one thing to keep in mind if Siliguri is cheaper then NJP. So, if you get a direct train for Siliguri then just go for it.

2. Flight (How to reach Darjeeling by Flight or Air):-

For flight near the airport to reach Darjeeling is Bagdogra International Airport. Bagdogra Airport is located in Siliguri. So, after reaching Bagdogra you can book a private cab to Darjeeling. Otherwise for budget travel you have to take a shared auto for bihar more first and then from bihar more you will have another shared auto for Siliguri junction. 

3. Bus (How to reach Darjeeling by Bus):-

Bus is only available from Siliguri junction. First you have to reach Siliguri junction then only you can get options for Bus. Normally by bus it takes around 4-5 hours to reach Darjeeling. But by shared or private cab it takes 3-4 hours, depending on the current road condition. There are a lot of government buses running daily from Siliguri to Darjeeling. Bus fare – 110 Rupees (Normal Bus), 250 Rupees (Ac Bus).

More Information for some of the major cities to reach Darjeeling:-

How to reach Darjeeling from Kolkata:-

There are 4 ways to reach darjeeling from Kolkata.

1. Train (Kolkata to Darjeeling By Train):-

Darjeeling from Kolkata by train is very cheap and convenient. In Kolkata there are two railway stations 1. Howrah Junction 2. Sealdah Junction from where you will get daily trains to reach Darjeeling. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that train tickets are getting reserved very fast. So, you have to book your train ticket at least 1 month ago otherwise it will not get confirmed. 

Generally 10 – 12 hours are required to reach NJP/Siliguri Junction by train from Kolkata. But recently there is a new train – Vande Bharat Express, which takes only 7:30 hours and runs daily from Howrah to NJP. There are around 25 trains which run daily or weekly from kolkata. 

Current Average Train Fare From Kolkata To Darjeeling –

Sleeper (SL) – 360/- Rupees

3 Tier AC (3A) – 950/- Rupees

2 Tier AC (2A) – 1325/- Rupees

1 Tier Ac (1A) – 2205/- Rupees

Please check current trains availability as per your dates from these popular Indian sites.

2. Flight (Kolkata to Darjeeling By Flight or Air):-

The nearest airport for darjeeling is Bagdogra International Airport. Which is located in Siliguri. less than 1 hour is required to reach from Kolkata DumDum Airport (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport) to Siliguri Airport (Bagdogra International Airport) and this is the only option to reach Darjeeling quickly. 

Kolkata to Darjeeling (Bagdogra International Airport) flight cost is around 2500 to 3000 rupees.Please check the current flight cost as per your dates from these popular indian sites.

3. Bus (Kolkata to Darjeeling By Bus):-

If you want to reach Darjeeling by bus then you have to change two buses. One bus from Kolkata to Siliguri Junction, another bus from Siliguri junction to Darjeeling Bus stand. Around 7 – 8 hours are required to reach Siliguri from Kolkata by Bus and another 4 hours are required to reach Darjeeling from Siliguri bus stand. Bus fare is slightly higher from Kolkata to Siliguri as compared to train. Government and Non-Government both types of bus you can easily gate from Kolkata which is running on daily basis. All buses boarding point is Kolkata Esplanade Bus stand which is known as Dharmatala Bus Stand as well.

Current Average Bus Fare From Kolkata To Darjeeling –
Government Non AC Bus (NBSTC) – 450/- Rupees

AC Bus – 1200/- Rupees

Non AC Bus – 600/- Rupees

4. Car or Bike (Kolkata to Darjeeling By Car or Bike):-

Nowadays many people are going to Darjeeling from Kolkata by Car or Bike to enjoy the scenic beauty of the road. Kolkata to Darjeeling distance is approximately 625 km by road. Which takes 13 to 14 hours to reach and requires at least 2 days. First day you can reach Siliguri and the second day from Siliguri to Darjeeling. The route will look like – Krishnagar – Malda – Siliguri – Kurseong (Mountain Road) – Ghoom (Mountain Road) – Darjeeling.

Note:- Right now I have explained Kolkata to Darjeeling all ways to reach. If you need information from any other city please comment below, I will definitely try to add that also.

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