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by Surojit Palmal
Bogamati Picnic Spot

And with the advent of winters there must be an extensive search for picnic spots. We all must be looking for picnic spots to enjoy with your family and friends. And if you are in Assam you can get plenty of good options for picnic spots. One such spot is Bogamati Picnic Spot. It is a comparatively new picnic spot that is popular among the people of Assam. So if you are in Assam or anywhere nearby you can surely consider visiting this picnic spot. Furthermore to enjoy a whole day with your near and dear ones this can be just the perfect selection of venue. Keep on reading this article because here I will mention all the information that you might need about the Bogamati Picnic spot Baksa Assam. I am sure this will be a helpful read for you.

Bogamati Picnic Spot

Location: Bogamati Picnic Spot NC Sukla Bagan Assam

Entry fee of Bogamati Picnic Spot: Rs. 100

Timings of Bogamati Picnic Spot: 7 am to 5 pm

About Bogamati Picnic Spot

Located on the foothills of the Indo Bhutan border on the mouth of river Barnadi lies this beautiful picture perfect location Bogamati. It is located entirely in the newly created Baksa district in Assam. This is comparatively a new site for picnic which was inaugurated very recently some years back by MLA of Tumulpur Emanuel Muchahary. From then only this spot started gaining momentum and became one of the favourite spots for the people of Assam for picnics.

One of the reasons that make this a perfect spot for picnic is its breathtaking panoramic view that it offers. Furthermore this place also works like a spot where every person ranging from solo travelers to family to couples can visit and have a good time.

The name Bogamati is derived from the river and refers to the white river that deposits white sands along with stones on the banks of the rivers. Various tribes like Bodos, Nepalese, and Assamese reside here at the location. Majorly the region is known for its tea plantation and these tribes depend on this for their livelihood.

For the maintenance and cleanliness of the spot the Dawaraijhar Eco Tourism Society is responsible. You can check out the Bogamati picnic spot photos and see how beautiful the site looks. For obvious reasons this is a perfect site for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Furthermore if you have an eye for everything beautiful, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this place. Covered in dense forest with mountains surrounding it along with a river bank and serene river flowing by, makes this a hot spot amongst picnickers and visitors from both Assam and outside.

Bogamati Picnic Spot
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

How to reach Bogamati Picnic Spot

By air

The Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati is the closest airport to reach this picnic spot. Bogamati Picnic Spot distance from Guwahati is around 100 km and you can take a cab or a car to reach there.

By train

The nearest railway station is Khoirabari at a distance of 35. 2 km. However If we talk about the nearest major railhead then it is Guwahati Railway station. Bogamati Picnic spot distance from Guwahati railway station is 91 km. You can take public buses till Tumulpur and from there you can take a car. Or you can take a direct car to reach the spot as well.

Best time to visit the Bogamati Picnic Spot

The ideal time to visit this picnic spot is of course the winter months. The area enjoys a subtropical climate. Here the summers are hot and humid. Furthermore in monsoon there is excessive rain in the area. The weather remains comfortable in winter though. Winters here are cool and dry and visitors can actually enjoy and explore the place well if they visit here during this time. This is a popular tourist spot which remains crowded. You can visit here any time during November to February to enjoy the best of the spot. The months of December and January are usually more crowded because of the holiday season. If you want to avoid the crowd a little then it would be ideal to visit here during November and February.

Activities in Bogamati Picnic Spot

Other than being a picnic spot, the Bogamati Picnic Spot is an excellent location for various adventure activities. The Sikhar Adventure Club of Goreswar is especially responsible for carrying out fun water activities here. The timings for the activities are from 8 am in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon. Some of the most popular activities here are river rafting on white river, Ropeway River crossing and trekking. Furthermore with the all encompassing view of the whole region these activities become even more interesting.

Trekking in this location is one of the activities that nature lovers enjoy. One of the popular trekking trails here is a trek to the nearby hill to reach the Buddha statue. The government of Assam has built this statue of Lord Buddha as a sign of peace. Also it is a symbol of strengthening ties with Bhutan which is the neighboring country of Assam.

Furthermore there are various packages for the adventure activities available here. The price of these packages starts from Rs. 2500 and ranges up to Rs. 10, 000. It depends on the kind of activities that you are choosing and also the number of people taking part in the activity.

However there is no proper facility of online booking for these activities. A few online sites do offer river rafting packages which you can check out though. Most of the packages also offer a pick up facility from your location and also drop off after the activities. Along with that they also offer meals attached to the packages. Other activities like Cycling, Paragliding are also popular activities here. You can also enjoy a drive here to the shallow river water to Bhutan, along with that you can also enjoy the delicious local cuisine there as well. However you will have to keep in mind that the entry gate to enter Bhutan gets closed by 4:30 pm in the evening.


Tourist attractions near Bogamati Picnic Spot

The Manas National Park is the most popular and attractive tourist destination near the Bogamati Picnic Spot. It is an important tourist destination and a rich national park that is blessed with abundance of flora and fauna. This is a bird watcher’s paradise as well, especially in winters when lots of migratory birds visit here. Among animals you can spot leopards, tigers, bison, langurs, elephants and much more here. Furthermore this national park is also rich in its plant species.

Manas Shoushi Khongkhor is another popular destination that is quite popular nearby. Located on the mouth of the Pagladia River this is an eco tourism spot where many endangered animals are spotted. Some of them are Hogg Deer, Bison, White Bellied Heron and more.

Moina Pukhuri is another popular tourist spot nearby located just adjacent to the Indo Bhutan border. However it is a little tough to reach this spot as 3 km near the location there is no motorable road. The only way to reach this spot is by walking through the rugged terrain. But the experience of trekking through the area to reach the location can be one of the most thrilling activities ever.

Some other spots that you can visit are

Patharighat Shahid Stambh (36.5 km)

Nalbari Hari  Mandir (41.32 km )

Bhairabkunda (43.25 km)

Gethsemane Man made Forest (44 km)

Peacock Island (59.94 km)

Guwahati Planetarium (60.54 km)

Things to remember before visiting Bogamati Picnic Spot

The Bogamati picnic spot is a crowded picnic spot. It can be a little too crowded during weekends or during peak holiday season in December and January.

This place is known for wild animals so be a little cautious and careful while roaming around.

You must not forget to carry your camera because it is a picturesque location and there will be a lot to capture through your lenses.

Do wear comfortable clothes and footwear if you are interested in taking part in trekking or hiking or any adventurous activities.

You must carry basic first aid, medicines, extra pairs of clothes and shoes and other necessary things.

Wrapping up!

A picnic spot like the Bogamati Picnic Spot can be an ideal destination for a lot of fun. For a full day outing in Assam this location will be just appropriate. Furthermore this place is really well maintained and that makes it even more alluring. Alongside you can enjoy various activities, the beautiful scenic views as well. So next time you are searching for a picnic spot in Assam do consider visiting this spot.

With your big gang of friends or family it can be the ideal retreat to spend some good times. Also for couples and solo travelers this can be a good spot to visit as you can get engrossed in the beauty of nature. Do let me know if this article was helpful for you in planning a trip to this beautiful picnic spot. And also don’t forget to let me know when you are planning a trip there.

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