Daragaon Picnic Spot Baksa Assam Distance, Photos, Location

by Surojit Palmal
Daragaon Picnic Spot

The winter season has arrived already and with the sudden nip in the air, we all feel happy and joyful. Furthermore this time obviously calls for some outdoor activities as well right? So if you are someone who enjoys being outdoors amidst nature. Then what can be better than going for a picnic? You can enjoy some good times with your friends, family or even your partner. For that I have an amazing suggestion for you all and that location is the Dargaon Picnic Spot Baksa Assam. The Daragaon Picnic spot in Assam is one of the most picturesque locations and also a popular picnic spot for the people nearby and around.

This is one such spot that looks pretty and is perfect for that ideal picnic with your closed ones during winter. So if you are searching for a picnic spot in Assam. Then you can surely consider visiting the Daragaon Picnic spot. In this article I will mention each and every information that you probably need to know about Daragaon picnic spot. So keep on reading this article because you will get everything that you need to know to plan a perfect trip to this beautiful location here. This is surely going to be a helpful read for you on this picnic spot.

Daragaon Picnic Spot

Location: The location is Daragaon Picnic Spot Unnamed Road Dihira Assam

Overview of Daragaon Picnic Spot

Located in the Indo-Bhutan border in the district of Baksha in Assam. The Daragaon Picnic spot is the ultimate favourite picnic spot in Assam. Only at a 15 km distance from the district headquarter Mushalpur. The Daragaon picnic spot is like the natural haven with beautiful clear sky and gushing streams flowing by. This area is a part of the Dihira Reserved Forest in Baksa. One of the main attractions of this spot is the River Dihira that flows here. On the lap of the Himalayas it is one such serene location that the people living nearby enjoy visiting for picnics.

Furthermore the area being a part of the Manas Biosphere Reserve also makes it rich with its natural beauty. This quaint hamlet is surrounded by lush greenery and looks splendid. For the nature lovers it can be the ultimate bliss to enjoy some time amidst nature. Furthermore the locals are also of the view that the beauty that this particular location offers is much closer and easily accessible than Meghalaya or other north eastern locations. They however prefer and suggest that more people should visit this hamlet to enjoy nature to its fullest.

What’s more?

The main organization promoting tourism in this area is a Non Profit Organization formed by some youths. Who have come up with the agenda of protecting this tourist spot. This organization is the Manas Daragon Eco Tourism. The youths belong to the nearby areas like Muhsalpur, Barama and Nikashi areas.

At one point of time a lot of illegal timber smugglers were running illegal activities here. About a decade ago they were cutting down the trees along the Indo Bhutan border in Dihira Forest Reserve. Because of this many birds and animals were homeless and the forest lands were also destroyed to a certain extent. But in recent times this tourism group has taken up the responsibility to curb the illegal encroachment.

After 2020 this group has taken up the idea to establish a green valley and therefore the location was also promoted as a popular tourist spot. Many plants were planted here to make it greener. Also to make this space a greater example on the lines of saving nature and its natural resources.


How to reach Daragaon Picnic Spot

The picnic spot can be easily accessible if you are travelling via car. Daragaon Picnic spot distance is only 9 km away from Nikashi.

Best time to visit Daragaon picnic spot

Overall the weather is mostly pleasant here throughout the year. But if you are looking for the best weather here to enjoy some good time then the time from September to March can be ideal. With the cold weather it would be perfect for a whole day picnic at this spot. But for people who don’t like much of the cold weather they can also visit here in the months of May to September. This is also one of the peak times when people prefer visiting here. So you can plan your visit accordingly according to your preference of weather and what you enjoy more.

Activities in Daragaon picnic spot

The first thing that you should do here is enjoy the beautiful weather and the view that this place offers. Furthermore you can take a walk along the river flowing by or even sit near the water bank. It would be a perfect spot to listen to the sound of nature. You can actually enjoy the unhindered nature at its best.

Also the spot is surrounded by lush greenery that makes it look very alluring and appealing at the same point of time. You can enjoy some time amidst the green backdrop and even this backdrop can be perfect for your photographs. If you are a photographer or if you enjoy clicking pictures then this spot can be an ideal spot for you to click tons of photographs that you can cherish later.

However one of the best attractions of this natural spot is the fact that it is a little far away from the town. This quaint village settlement is a perfect destination for everyone who wants to break away from the monotony of their regular lives. With the hills surrounding the spot and the river flowing by you can enjoy a different slice of nature here that will be extremely enjoyable for you. But keep in mind that since the spot is a little away from the main city you need to carry all your belongings. And things that you might need along with you as you will not get any shops nearby.

Where to stay near Daragaon Picnic spot

You can find a hostel to stay in the nearby village. Also one of the popular ways of accommodation is the homestays available here. The villagers here are friendly. Most of the time they offer their own homes for the tourists and visitors here for staying near the Daragaon Picnic spot. So if you are interested to stay back during the night near you can surely opt for these homestays. Furthermore these places are well equipped with basic facilities like comfortable beds, electricity, washrooms etc.


Wrapping Up!

So now that you know all the information about this beautiful spot in Assam you can surely visit here for a picnic. Assam as a state offers many beautiful picnic spots and you can have a great time visiting them too. One such place is surely the Dargaon Picnic Spot. Furthermore this picnic spot is also approved by the local people here as well, who feel that it is one of the most beautiful places for a day out.

So now you can plan a visit to the Daragaon Picnic spot as soon as possible. I am sure you would not regret visiting such a tranquil location amidst nature. Enjoy nature and its beauty and also spend some good time with your close people. Do let me know if you are intrigued enough to visit the Daragaon picnic spot already. Also do let me know if this article on the Daragaon Picnic spot is helpful for you in planning a successful trip to this majestic location.

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