Karanji Lake Mysore Timings, Entry Fee, Boating Price, Location

by Surojit Palmal
Karanji Lake Mysore

Mysore is a beautiful location with multiple sightseeing spots that keeps the visitors entertained. If you are visiting Mysore then you will find a variety of places that you can visit there from historical monuments to palaces. However if you are a nature lover then places close to nature must be your favourite places to visit, right? In that scenario I have a really good option for you that you can opt for when you are in Mysore. The location is the Karanji Lake Mysore. This is an ancient lake and the area has history attached to it. At present this is a really well maintained location that the tourists love visiting. There are multiple activities that you can enjoy here too.

So next time when you are visiting Mysore, make sure you are including the Karanji Lake in your itinerary. Keep on reading this article as I will mention each and everything that you need to know about the Karanji Lake. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this location.

Karanji Lake Mysore

Location of Karanji Lake Mysore:

Chamundi Hills, Adjacent to Mysore Zoo, Mysuru, Karnataka

Karanji Lake Mysore timings:

The timings of Karanji Lake Mysore are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days except Tuesday. Tuesday is a closed day

Entry fee of Karanji Lake Mysore: 

Karanji Lake entry fee is Rs. 50 for adults per person and Rs. 25 per person for senior citizens and children from 5 years to 15 years of age. If you are carrying a camera there is an additional charge of Rs. 10 for still cameras and for video cameras the charge is Rs. 25.

How to reach Karanji Lake Mysore

By air

If you are travelling by air then the Mysore Airport is the nearest airport to reach the lake. The airport is located at a distance of 10.6 km and it would take around 16 minutes to reach there from the airport. You will get cabs outside the airport or you can also hire a car to reach there.

By train

The Mysore railway station is only 5 km away from the Karanji Lake. You can easily take local transports like auto rickshaws or even book a cab to reach there from the railway station.

By road

The Karanji Lake is located only 2 km away from the Mysore Palace on the Chamundi Hills. The famous Chamundeshwari Temple is also located here. The lake is very close to the bus stop in Mysore. You can take buses from the nearby cities as well to reach the temple. Also you can take a cab or hire a car or drive your own vehicle to reach here.


Best time to visit Karanji Lake Mysore

Best time to visit Karanji Lake Mysore
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The ideal time to visit the Karanji Lake in Mysore is the winter months. From October to February the weather of this location is perfect for a visit. In cool weather it would be more comfortable to stroll around the area and also for picnics. Even boating would be equally enjoyable during these months. The temperature ranges between 15 degrees to 30 degrees during this time which is quite comfortable. Another thing is that most of the migratory birds visit here during the winter times. So if you are visiting around this time it would be more likely to spot migratory birds in a good number. You can avoid visiting here during the peak summer months because it would be uncomfortable to explore the place. The area gets very hot and humid during summers which would not be the ideal time for a visit here.

According to the time of the day the ideal time to visit here would be early in the morning. Or you can visit here during the afternoon and enjoy a picnic there. Later in the evening you can enjoy boating along with enjoying the pristine sunset. During sunset the lake looks even more beautiful with the orangish hue scattered everywhere. So do not miss out on enjoying the sunset at all.

Overview of Karanji Lake Mysore

This lake was initially a percolation tank that the king of Mysore had built to serve the needs of drinking water for the residents of the city. Other than that the water was also used for other activities like washing, bathing as well as for other domestic chores. In 1976 this lake became a part of the Mysore Zoo and since then the Mysore Zoo Authority maintains this lake. Also popular as the Fountain Lake, the Karanji Lake spreads across an area of 90 hectares. Lush greenery surrounds the lake making the spot look even more alluring in its appearance. Not just that the area is also popular for rich flora and fauna. Out of the 90 hectares of the whole area here 55 hectares is water spread. The rest of the 35 hectares here are foreshore areas.

Tourist Attractions in Karanji Lake Mysore
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is a popular spot for visitors in Mysore. Mostly this is a spot ideal for a leisurely visit. You can just stroll around or take a walk around the area and enjoy the tranquility of nature here. Set amidst lush greenery the lake looks beautiful and the ambiance here is also really peaceful. If you are a nature lover you will surely love the beauty of nature here. The natural beauty of this location is one of the major attractions that attract the visitors to visit Karanji Lake Mysore.

Tourist Attractions in Karanji Lake Mysore


However, not just the natural beauty, this lake also provides other facilities and entertainment to keep the visitors hooked. There is a special zone for just the children and this children’s corner is one of the major attractions here. Also Karanji Lake boating is something that is quite an enjoyable activity here that the visitors equally love. Halfway through the park there is the area for boating. There are both pedal boats as well as boats with a boatman. According to your preference you can choose what you want to enjoy. The boat will take you around the whole area along the bushy island that looks spectacular. The area is serene and peaceful and you will surely enjoy it a lot.

From the area near the boating point you will find the ticket counter. From there you will have to buy tickets for boating. The price of boating per person is Rs. 25 for a 20 minute ride. You must try this activity here without fail. Otherwise you will miss out on exploring the whole lake well.


Also for picnic lovers this is an ideal place to visit. You can easily visit here with your whole family and then enjoy a good time. People from all ages from kids to senior citizens to even adults, everyone will love visiting this spot. For a whole day of fun this can be the ideal spot to visit that you can check out in Mysore.  And the best part is you can bring packed food here as well. What else do you even need for a perfect picnic right? And you will find a coffee booth inside the premises as well. So with food and coffee and a lot of fun activities you will enjoy a visit to this spot for sure.

Aviary in Karanji Lake

The aviary in the Karanji Lake is one of the largest that you can find in the country. The cost for setting up this aviary was about 3. 8 million. The aviary is 20 meters in length, 50 meters in breadth and 60 meters in height. For obvious reasons this spot is perfect for birdwatchers as well. You can spot over 147 varieties of bird species here. Because of the vegetation as well as the ambiance of the lake, the area attracts these bird species. Some of the birds that you can spot here are Asian Openbill Storks, Sandpipers, Herons, and Egrets. You can also spot Rose Ringed Parakeet, Greenish Warbler, Brown Shrike, Red Wattled Lapwing, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Booted Warbler, Sunbird and Black Drongo.

You will also find a great variety of migratory birds here as well like Painted Storks, Egret, Ibis, Cormorant, Grey Pelican and more. It can ideally be a paradise for someone who loves birds. This aviary is like a massive net enclosure which is really high. The visitors can walk through it and explore the varieties of birds here. Some common birds like peacocks, geese, wild fowls are also present here. A vast enclosure near the aviary also houses Sarus Cranes here. These birds are really unique as they are the tallest flying birds with a height of around 6 feet. There is a bird watch tower here overlooking the lake that the visitors can use to spot various bird species. Make sure you are carrying your binoculars with yourself for a better view.

Karanji Lake Butterfly Park

There is a butterfly park inside the premise of the lake as well. This is undoubtedly one of the major attractions in Karanji Lake Mysore. Almost around 45 species of butterflies are present here that look extremely beautiful while they flutter their wings. The butterflies are of different varieties and with different colours that look too beautiful to look at. The authorities had made sure the host plants are planted here in such a way that the butterfly can get nectars from them. The presence of the plants here attracts more butterflies here and also helps in their sustenance as well.

Regional Museum of Natural History

There is a museum of Natural History inside the premises of Karanji Lake that is another attraction here. Located on the bank of the lake this museum provides information on the natural environment of South India. Along with that it also gives information on how to maintain the environment as well.

Wrapping Up!

Among the best tourist places to visit in Mysore this is also a good option that you can explore. The lake is beautiful and with the aviary and butterfly park here you will have more things to explore here. Along with that this can be the ideal location for a picnic with your whole family and with your group of friends. Also enjoy boating here while enjoying the pristine ambiance of the location here. Let me know when you are planning a visit to this beautiful location. Also do let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this lake in Mysore.

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