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by Surojit Palmal
Raja Seat Coorg

Coorg is an example of how beautiful the beauty of nature can be. This location is always popular for the best view that it offers. And no wonder even the king of Coorg loved the region. However he had a special fascination for a particular location. That is the Raja Seat Coorg. This is the spot that the king of Coorg had chosen for enjoying the breathtaking view of nature. I am sure you can imagine how beautiful the location can be. But you won’t really understand the beauty of this location until you actually visit here in person. Raja Seat Coorg is that location in Coorg that gives a beautiful view that you can enjoy. Along with that it also offers activities for the entertainment of the visitors.

This is a popular tourist spot in Coorg that the visitors love to explore. And if you are visiting Coorg then you cannot miss out on this beautiful spot too. In this article I will mention everything that you need to know about Raja’ Seat Coorg. This will be a really helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to Coorg anytime soon.

Raja Seat Coorg

Location of Raja Seat Coorg: Raja Seat Road, near Rajdarshan Hotel, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka

Raja Seat Coorg timings: 5:30 am to 8 pm on all days from Monday to Sunday

Entry fee of Raja Seat Coorg: For entry in the park the fee is Rs. 5 per person. Toy train charge is Rs. 20 per person. Also there is an additional fee for parking which is Rs. 40 per vehicle

Raja Seat Musical Fountain timings: On weekdays it is from 7 pm and on weekends it is from 6:45 pm to 7:20 pm

How to reach Raja Seat Coorg

By air

If you are travelling by air then the Mysore airport and Mangalore airport are the nearest airports to reach Raja Seat. The Mysore airport is located 134 km away and it would take around 3 hours to reach Raja Seat from there. And the Mangalore airport is located 142 km away from the Raja’s Seat and you can reach there in about 3 hours and 42 minute. The Kannur International airport is also yet another airport near the location located at 90. 8 km away. You can reach there in about 2 hours and 34 minutes from the airport. From all the airports you will get buses plying on this route to reach Raja Seat Coorg. Or else you can also hire a car or a cab to reach Raja Seat in Coorg.

By train

Coorg does not have its own railway station so if you wish to travel by train the nearest railway stations are Kasargoad, Hassan and Kannur. From Kasargod railway station the location is 108 km away and it would take around 3 hours to reach there. And from Hassan railway station the distance is 106 km and from Kannur railway station it is 112 km. Buses are available from each of the railway stations to reach Raja Seat. Or you can also take a car or hire a cab to reach the location from these railway stations.

By road

You can easily drive through your own vehicle or you can hire a car to reach the location. Also there are regular public and private buses available from nearby cities and towns which you can opt for. This location is located only 1 km away from Madikeri. You will also get local transport like auto rickshaw or else you can book a cab to reach here as well.


Best time to visit Raja Seat Coorg

Best time to visit Raja Seat Coorg
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The ideal time to visit this location would be from the month of October to the month of March which are the cooler months. During this period the location looks even more beautiful with the seasonal blooms that elevate the beauty of this location to an extent. The garden here looks picturesque during this time and it would be a great experience to experience the beauty over here. And if it is about the time of the week then weekdays would be a little better to plan a visit here as the location will be less crowded. So you will be able to explore the place peacefully as the weekends here get really crowded.

Moreover if it is about the best time of the day for a visit here the early mornings and the early evenings are ideal. Raja Seat Coorg sunset is already popular for the breathtaking view and so is the sunrise. So if you are visiting here during those times you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of the pristine sunrise and sunsets here. So plan your visit accordingly to enjoy the best of the beautiful spot.

Overview of Raja Seat Coorg

Raja Seat or Raja’s Seat Coorg is a beautiful garden located in Madikeri district in Coorg. This garden is located on an elevated ground that offers a beautiful backdrop with valleys and lush greenery. Raja’s Seat literally translates to the Seat of the Kings and it is rightly said so. This location was one of the favourite spots of the Raja of Coorg. He used to visit this spot often to spend some tranquil times amidst nature. Also he used to love witnessing the sunset from here along with spending some quiet time with the queens. At present also the tourists visit this spot to enjoy the beautiful sunsets here amongst other things. This is a popular picnic spot for both the locals as well as the tourists as well.

At present the Archeological Survey of India maintains this site and considers it as a site of historical importance. This location has a specific viewpoint that is a semi circle pavilion in the garden that offers the best view. You can get to see the beautiful valley, lush green vegetation along with pristine sunrises and sunsets from here. The authorities maintain the park well and also offer some activities that attract visitors here. There is a special Toy Train that is popular here. And along with that there is a musical fountain here as well, which is yet another major tourist attraction at this spot.


Major attractions in Raja Seat Coorg

Overview of Raja Seat Coorg
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Toy Train Ride

The toy train ride in Raja Seat is one of the interesting activities at this location. Here the ride starts from the entrance and will take you around the whole garden. With glimpses of the valley, lush greenery and the flowers in the garden this is a fun ride that you can enjoy here.

Musical Fountain

Raja Seat Musical Fountain is another major attraction at this location. After the evening a huge chunk of tourists gather at this spot to enjoy looking at the fountain as it dances on foot tapping music. This is a huge water fountain that looks beautiful with the lights and music. As it splashes water and changes its courses along with the music you will love watching it too. Especially if you are visiting here with kids they are definitely going to love it.

Gandhi Mantap

The Gandhi Mantap is a memorial in honour of Mahatma Gandhi. This is a brick and mortar structure with arched bridges along with four pillars. In 1934 Gandhiji had visited this location and had addressed the locals in this region. Also this is the only place other than Delhi that has the mortal remains of Gandhiji as well. Every year on 30th of January Coorg celebrates Sarvodaya Diwas which is like a procession in honour of Gandhiji. After the procession they observe a few minutes of silence at the Gandhi Mantap to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi ji.


Things to remember before visiting Raja Seat Coorg

1.       If you are aiming at grabbing the best view of the sunsets and the sunrise you will have to reach the location a little early. After it gets crowded it can obstruct your view.

2.       You can stroll around the whole garden and enjoy the beautiful view here. The garden has beautiful flowers that are beautiful to look at.

3.       There is parking available at this location and there is an additional charge for it too. So if you are visiting here with your own vehicle it would not be an issue.

4.       Here you will find a lot of picturesque spots that are ideal for taking photographs. So make sure you capture the best views here to cherish later on.

5.       You cannot carry any plastic in this location as the authorities do not allow this.

6.       You will get some eateries from where you can grab some quick bites if you want.

7.       Throughout the garden there is enough sitting space for the visitors. So you can easily visit here and sit and relax for longer times.

Wrapping Up!

Raja Seat Madikeri is a beautiful location to experience amidst nature. With historical and cultural relevance the Raja Seat is a popular spot in Coorg that you can explore. It can be the ideal spot for a day out or a picnic with your whole family. Especially the toy train ride and the musical fountain would be too entertaining for the kids too. So if you are planning to visit Raja’s Seat with your kids they are definitely going to love it.  

The beautiful views and the entertainment quotient at this location makes it a must visit spot in Coorg. Make sure you are including this location in your itinerary whenever you are visiting Coorg. So when are you planning to visit this beautiful location amidst nature in Coorg? Also do not forget to let me know if this particular article on Raja Seat Coorg is helpful for you in planning a trip to this spot. 

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