Mandalpatti Peak Coorg Height, Timings, History, Photos, Tickets

by Surojit Palmal
Mandalpatti Peak Coorg

Coorg is the queen of natural beauty and the many sightseeing locations present here only confirms that. If you are a nature lover then Coorg will offer you multiple locations to explore. One such location is the Mandalpatti Peak. This vantage point is located at a graceful height and is a popular spot for sightseeing here. The Mandalpatti Peak Coorg is located at an isolated area away from the hustling city and that is the best part of this location. Moreover this location is just perfect for a relaxing getaway as well.

According to the Mandalpatti Peak reviews this is also one of the most popular trekking trails in Coorg. The Forest Department also maintains this site really well and a trek or a jeep ride to reach the location can be utterly exciting. So whenever you are visiting Coorg you have to make sure that you are including this location in your itinerary. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention each and everything that you need to know about Mandalpatti. This will be a helpful read for you if you are travelling to visit Mandalpatti Peak soon.

Mandalpatti Peak Coorg

Location of Mandalpatti Peak: Raja Seat Road, Coorg, Mandalpatti Peak Madikeri Karnataka

Timings of Mandalpatti PeakMandalpatti Peak timings are from 6 am to 6 pm on all days of the week

Entry fee of Mandalpatti Peak: For entry it is Rs. 25 per person and for a jeep ride it is Rs. 1700

How to reach Mandalpatti Peak

By air

There is no direct airport in Coorg so if you are travelling by air then Mysore Airport, Mangalore Airport and Kannur Airport are the nearest airports. From the airports however you will have to take a cab or you can hire a car to reach here.

By train

Similarly there is no direct railway station in Coorg so the nearest railway stations are Kasargod, Kannur and Hassan. From there either you can take a cab or you can hire a car to reach here. Buses are also available to reach here so you can opt for that as well.

By road

This is by far the most convenient option to reach this location by road. If you are travelling to Coorg then the ideal option would be travelling by a bus from Bangalore. There are buses running on this route all through the day. Also there are overnight comfortable buses to reach here as well. The distance from Bangalore to Coorg is about 254 km and it takes a little less than 5 hours to reach here. Bus tickets are available online as well so you can get the tickets in advance. From Madikeri there are two ways to travel. You can either take a journey from the Abbey Falls. It is a bumpy ride of about 20 km from there. Or you can take a ride through Makkandaru which is a more picturesque one with multiple streams and waterfalls on the way.

Or from Madikeri you can take a cab to reach Mandalpatti by road. This will be a smooth road and the distance is about 17 km. You can also hire a jeep from there as well. After reaching Mandalpatti you will have to take a jeep. But if you were already traveling in a jeep you can move forward with that. From the base the jeep ride is serene and enjoyable. And for the people who wish to trek they can trek up for 3 km from the base of Mandalpatti to reach the peak.


Best time to visit Mandalpatti Peak

Best time to visit Mandalpatti Peak
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The months from October to February are the ideal months for a visit to Mandalpatti. The weather during these months is the most favourable. With the cold weather the trekking would also be more enjoyable. Along with that the misty weather offers beautiful views as well. You can avoid visiting here during the monsoon. Monsoon comes with its own set of pros and cons. Even though the lush greenery here elevates its beauty to a huge extent, it is a little risky to visit here during that time. During monsoon the trekking trails get really slippery and that is a little dangerous. Also during heavy rains it would be practically impossible to trek here. You can however visit after the monsoon season and then the ambience looks equally pretty here. So do plan your trip to Mandalpatti accordingly.

Overview of Mandalpatti Peak

Located 25 to 30 km away from the town of Madikeri, the Mandalpatti Peak is a popular tourist spot. Away from the hustling city this spot is like a generous escapade into nature. This location in Coorg is one of the popular spots for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts as well who visit here to enjoy the beautiful trekking trail. The authorities at the base of the Mandalpatti Peak boost tourism and encourage taking the jeep ride here. You can even opt for trekking as well and you need to pay a very nominal fee for that. The Mandalpatti is a beautiful vantage point that overlooks the grassy knolls of Pushpagiri forests of the Western Ghat region. Mandalpatti Peak height is about 1800 meters and the region is a calm location offering gorgeous views.

Mandalpatti is also popular as Mugli Peth, which means the market of clouds in English.  The most memorable activity here can be a ride through the coffee estates in Coorg to reach this beautiful location. In the lap of nature this peak is like a breath of fresh air and you will surely enjoy a visit to this spot. Also the sunrise and sunsets are major attractions in the Mandalpatti Peak. So if you are visiting here make sure you at least enjoy one of these.


Things to do at Mandalpatti Peak

Things to do at Mandalpatti Peak
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The most interesting activity that you can enjoy here is undoubtedly trekking. Here the elevation of the trek is 200 meters high. But don’t get confused with the level of difficulty looking at that height though. Even though the height is 200 meters the trek can be strenuous especially if you are doing it for the first time. Also what makes this trek more difficult is the wind here that can be fierce. It can be a little difficult to maintain your balance through the strong gushing wind. The ideal duration for the trek is about 4-5 hours. It can be very refreshing, exciting and exhilarating to go through this trail with the lush greenery around. Make sure you are opting for the trek here if you are an adventure enthusiast.

Jeep Ride

The Forest Department here arranges jeep rides for the tourists and that is again extremely interesting. To reach the hilltop this jeep ride can be very exciting as it will take you up to the peak while you enjoy the scenic beauty here. The jeep ride costs Rs. 1700 for a single jeep. So if you are travelling in a group this would be affordable too. If you are looking for a more comfortable way to reach the Mandalpatti Peak then this can be the ideal option for you.

Enjoy the nature

Enjoying the beautiful nature from a height is always more exciting. And when you are at such a location then you will be showered with abundance of natural beauty. There is a watch tower here that the forest department has built here. You can enjoy looking at the hills at a distance from here. Also there is a vantage point once you reach the top of the Mandalpatti Peak. At the Mandalpatti point you will have to pay a charge of Rs. 25 and it is most popular for witnessing sunrises and sunsets. Ideally this spot can be a paradise for photographers. So if you are a photographer or if you love getting clicked then this is the spot where you will find beauty everywhere. Make sure you are clicking tones or photographs here to keep them as memories.

Things to remember before visiting the Mandalpatti Peak

1.       While trekking if you are in a group, make sure you are staying together. And, if you are along with some tour operator, travel in a team.

2.       For trekking you must travel light. This way it will be more convenient for you.

3.       You must wear a comfortable pair of shoes along with comfy clothes if you are trekking.

4.       If you are travelling in your own car it would be best to hire a jeep from the Mandalpatti base. The Forest Department also advises to not take your own vehicle up to the hilltop.

5.       Mandalpatti hilltop gets really windy so it would not be advisable to travel here with infants.

6.       Before opting for the trek make sure you are physically absolutely fit and then opt for it.

7.       You must carry all necessary items along with you while trekking as there are no shops here.

8.       Carry your own bottles of water as it is very necessary to stay hydrated at all times.

9.       You should also carry your own food as you would not find any food stalls here. So carry some light snacks along.

10.   The top of the hill gets quite chilly so you must dress appropriately.

Location Map For Mandalpatti Peak Coorg

Wrapping Up!

Mandalpatti Peak photos can never do justice to how gorgeous this location is in reality. You will love visiting a scenic spot like that. And if you are an adventure lover then the trek here would be an added bonus for you. Next time you are searching for a natural escapade consider visiting the Mandalpatti Peak. Definitely you will fall in love with this location in Coorg. So let me know when you are travelling to this location in Coorg? And let me know if this article of Mandalpatti Peak Coorg is helpful for you in planning a trip there.

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