Blossom Park Munnar Entry Fee, Location, Timings, Images

by Surojit Palmal
Blossom Park Munnar

People who love to travel always have a separate fascination for locations that are close to nature. A lot of times places that offer natural beauty are a little tiresome to reach. Sometimes there is a steep trek or a hard journey as well. But I can share with you all a location that is close to nature yet doesn’t involve any tiresome activity. And the best part is it is a location that you can visit with your whole family, especially children. If you are in Kerala, precisely in Munnar then Blossom Park Munnar is that location for you. This is basically a beautiful park where you can visit and enjoy a whole day of activity at a very nominal charge. You can enjoy a slice of nature here and also take part in varied activities as well.

The Blossom Park Munnar is a picturesque park in Munnar and is also one of the popular places that you can visit in Munnar. You can check out the Blossom Park Munnar images and check yourself how beautiful the whole setup here is. You will instantly fall in love with the ambience here. So once you are in Munnar you need to include this particular location in your itinerary for sure. Keep on reading this article to know everything about this beautiful location. Here I will mention each and everything that you might need to know about the Blossom Park in Munnar. It will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this location.

Blossom Park Munnar

Location of Blossom Park Munnar:

Aluva-Munnar Highway, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala

Blossom Park Munnar timings:

The timings of Blossom Park Munnar is from 9 am to 7 pm on all days from Monday to Sunday

Entry fee of Blossom Park Munnar: 

Blossom Park Munnar entry fee is Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 2 for children. For car parking there is an additional fee of Rs. 50 and for bike parking the fee is Rs. 20.

Overview of Blossom Park Munnar

The Blossom International Park is a really good spot for recreation and relaxation in Munnar. Located in the outskirts the park is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And therefore it offers a beautiful backdrop where you can enjoy and spend some time with your family and friends. It is a popular site to visit in Munnar because of the serene landscape, lush greenery and variety of fun activities. There are extended green lawns here perfect to stroll around or have a relaxing time. Also you will find a lake here that looks even more beautiful. You can easily sit on its bank and enjoy quality time looking at the water. And of course there is boating in the lake that you can opt for as well.

Also popular as the Munnar Hydel Park, this park houses a huge variety of blooming plants, trees and bushes. And all of these creates a space for clicking beautiful photographs as well. You can click pictures of the garden, lake or flowers here and they will turn out to be perfect. And if you love clicking your own pictures you will find ample backdrops to click some picturesque photographs to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Another attraction here is the children’s play area here with swings and various other rides. The children love enjoying their time here. So this is the perfect location to visit with your friends and family. Visit here with your group of friends or family and enjoy a picnic here as well. You will also get to enjoy fun activities like boating, cycling and skating here. This is one of the must visit places in Munnar that you need to check out.

How to reach Blossom Park Munnar

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach Blossom Park is the Cochin International Airport. The airport is about 120 km away from the park. However it is one airport that is majorly connected to most of the cities in India as well as abroad. So no matter where you are traveling from you would get a flight to Cochin Airport. Other major airports are the Coimbatore airport and the Madurai airport. Coimbatore Airport is 156 km away from Blossom Park and the Madurai Airport is about 174 km. From both the locations it would take a little more than 4 and a half hours to reach. You can get buses or you can hire a cab to reach Blossom Park.

By train

Munnar does not have its own railway station. The nearest major railway station is the Aluva Railway Station which is 120 km away from Blossom Park. Other railway stations are Coimbatore railway station, Ernakulam Railway Station and Madurai Railway station. All these railway stations are well connected to most of the major cities. So you can opt for any of these. From the railway stations you can get hired cabs or you can also take buses to reach Munnar Blossom Park.

By road

It is also possible to reach Blossom Park Munnar by road as well. You can drive through cities like Coimbatore, Bangalore or Kochi. This is one of the most beautiful journeys as well. The roads to reach Munnar are picturesque and therefore you can enjoy the sight while travelling as well. You will get buses from major cities to reach here. Or you can take your personal vehicles as well. There is space for parking in the Blossom Park Munnar so that would not be an issue.

Best time to visit Blossom Park Munnar

Best time to visit Blossom Park Munnar

The ideal time to visit this location is from the months between November to March. These are the winter months when the temperature is at its best and makes it super comfortable for the tourists to explore the whole area. Also for a visit here, the cool temperature would ensure that you can walk around and have fun comfortably without any hassle. During the months of March to April the park also organises a beautiful flower show. It is a popular show here that a lot of people attend. You can enjoy a wide variety of flowers here if you are visiting during that time. So you can even check the dates and visit during that time.

The monsoon time is however not the best time to visit here though. It would be extremely uncomfortable with the rain and you won’t be able to enjoy the place well. Also a lot of activities will be unavailable during the monsoon. So try to avoid visiting here during the monsoon months.


Activities to enjoy in Blossom Park Munnar


There is a beautiful lake in the Blossom Park and boating in that lake is one of the most popular activities here for you to enjoy. You can get on the boat with your family and friends and enjoy a really good time. The boat would take you far and you will be able to enjoy the views of the whole surrounding. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting activities that you can enjoy here.


In today’s world this is one activity we all crave for. But you would get ample opportunity to relax in this park. It is a perfect spot for travelers who prefer to sit and enjoy the surroundings. You will find benches here that are ideal spots to sit back and relax. However what makes it even more special is the backdrop of the hills as well as the tea estates. With such a gorgeous view, relaxing here would be very enjoyable. You can also stroll around the whole area while exploring the park. Visit the beautiful lawns blooming with colourful flowers and you will instantly feel rejuvenated. 


Something that Blossom Park Munnar is popular for is trekking. It is a beautiful location that houses adventurous trekking trails. The adventure enthusiasts will have a really good time here exploring the beautiful trails here. The trail goes through forest and lush green vegetation which is like a bliss and peace to the eyes. Also the trail offers a breathtaking view of the whole surrounding which is quite enjoyable as well.

Bird Watching

Blossom Park also houses a wide variety of birds and even attracts a great variety of migratory birds as well. This further makes this spot a perfect spot for bird watching. People who love nature and are interested in spotting various species of birds will have a great time here. The colourful birds along with their chirping will make a beautiful ambience here that you are going to love. However make sure you are definitely carrying your binoculars along with you to get the best experience.


Flower Show

The Flower Show at Blossom Park is one of the most interesting events to attend. This is an annual show that happens every year. The authorities arrange a beautiful exhibition of a variety of flowers and plants here that a lot of people come to visit. During this flower show the whole area looks beautiful with blooming colourful and fragrant flowers. This show is really a sight in itself. So if you happen to visit here during a time when this flower show is taking place, make sure you take part in it. You would be delighted after seeing the huge variety of flora here.

Fun activities

There are a lot of fun activities that this park offers to its visitors. Within its premises there are separate zones for separate activities. Some of the popular ones are zorbing, cycling and roller skating. People of all age enjoy these activities here. Also there is a specific zone just for the kids, which is the Kid’s Play Area. So if you are visiting here with your little one then they will have a really good time playing at the play area. With hammocks, swings and cute trees the kid’s area is a beautiful zone. The authorities had really put in a lot of thought to decorate this cute space for the kids. Also there is an aquarium here that is another major attraction here. Along with that it also offers a fish spa as well that you can opt for if you want.


Wrapping Up!

Blossom Park Munnar is that one spot which is perfect to visit with your whole family. So once you are in Munnar make sure you are definitely visiting here once. Sometimes we do look for serene locations to enjoy some time out from the hustling city. Also this is a great location to stay close to nature as well. I am sure you will enjoy a visit to this beautiful park. Let me know when you are planning a trip to Blossom Park Munnar. Also do not forget to tell me if this article is helpful for you in planning a trip to this park.

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