900 Kandi Wayanad, How to Reach, Glass Bridge, Eco Park

by Surojit Palmal
900 Kandi Wayanad

Offbeat locations are always thrilling spots to explore, what say? And if the location is in South India then obviously you can imagine the level of its beauty. All of us have a basic idea about Wayanad right? But the tourist destination that I am going to talk about today is one such hidden gem that is perfect for the adventure seekers. 900 Kandi Wayanad is one such place that is no more hidden from the adventure lovers. If you are searching for an offbeat location to explore then Wayanad 900 Kandi is the place for you. In this article I am going to mention every piece of information that you might need if you want to explore the 900 Kandi Eco Park. So keep on reading.

900 Kandi Wayanad


Meppadi, Kerala

Timings of 900 Kandi:

7 am to 6 pm

900 Kandi Ticket price:

The entry fee to 900 Kandi is Rs. 1200 that also includes a 2 way trip of 5 people around the park in a vintage jeep.

Book Ticket Now – www.900kandiecopark.com

Best time to visit 900 Kandi

October to March is ideally the best time to visit here as the weather is most comfortable during this time. You must avoid visiting during the monsoon as most of the outdoor activities are restricted during this time. Also the summer months from May are too hot to explore the place well. Therefore the period from October is just perfect as the area looks beautiful just after the monsoon and with the onset of winter, the pleasant weather makes up for an amazing experience.

How to reach 900 Kandi?

You can reach 900 Kandi from Bangalore via Kalpetta. To reach Kalpetta you can get various buses via Attamala or Chooralmala or Mundakai routes. The nearest railway station Calicut is 90 kms away and Kozhikode Railway station is 78 km away. Calicut International Airport is 105 km away and is the nearest airport. There are buses, cabs and taxis to reach 900 Kandi from the railway station and the airport.

About 900 Kandi

900 Kandi Wanad is one such gorgeous getaway that can make you wonder how beautiful nature can be. Also known as Thollayiram Kandi, this place in Wayanad can seduce you with its everlasting charm. 900 is called Thollayiram in the local language and Kandi means a patch of land. Therefore, the name 900 Kandi literally means 900 acres of land. Spreading across a huge area of 900 acres, this place is the perfect example of unspoiled natural beauty. As far as your eyes can reach, there is unparalleled greenery everywhere.

Moreover, 900 Kandi Wayanad is also a perfect destination for the adventure lovers who love an adrenaline rush. The 900 Kandi Eco Park is made up like an adventure zone in the midst of green captivating forest trails. It offers a trekking trail that goes through the forests and serves beautiful viewpoints for you to enjoy.

However, the trekking trail is quite tough and tiresome. Even with its moderate level, it is advisable that only people who are fit enough should take part in this. It would be a journey of around 4-5 hours through the greenery. Magnificent waterfalls, enchanting landscape, sounds of the chirping birds and the majestic landscape all come together at 900 Kandi.

This location is the perfect point of escape for the people who want to explore nature on foot. With a tree house that houses the visitors here, the experience would surely be one of the memorable ones that will be etched forever in your mind.

900 Kandi Glass Bridge

While experiencing this adventurous journey what will grab your eyeballs is the mesmerizing 900 Kandi Glass Bridge. This is another thing that makes this place even more attractive for the visitors here. This is also Kerala’s longest hanging glass bridge. The glass bridge amidst the greenery around looks straight out of a picture. You cannot even imagine the beauty of this unless you have seen it yourself with your own eyes. This glass bridge is built on top of the hill as a viewpoint for the people. You can enjoy an all encompassing 360 degree view of the surrounding from here. The skyline viewing and this skywalk is a thrilling experience in itself. It would require a heart of steel to actually pull something off like this. I must mention this is not for the faint hearted, so take note of that too.

Activities in 900 Kandi Wayanad

The 900 Kandi Eco Park offers different activities that you can enjoy.

Children’s Park

There is a beautiful children’s park inside the Eco Park that is an ideal spot to enjoy. With swings, slides and merry go rounds the children are definitely going to have a lot of fun.


We all must have gone boating somewhere sometime. But what is special about boating here is that you can paddle yourself amidst beautiful landscape at an elevation of almost 4000 metres above sea level. Now that is something exciting, what do you think?


There is a rope bridge here that is going to be the most thrilling adventure here. To walk past the green forest on a dwindling rope bridge would give you an amazing skywalk experience. I am sure you would never be able to forget this thrill ever.


Jumping, bouncing and dancing on a trampoline can be so much fun. The best part is that both kids and adults can enjoy this activity here. So take out your inner child and jump off. And guess what? Jumping on a trampoline also works as a stress buster and releases tensions. Now that is interesting enough.


Another attraction here would be the natural formation of caves here. You can get through the unknown trails to enjoy the ways into the forest and find mysterious spots to explore.

Rifle Shooting and Archery

Try your hands on rifle shooting and archery and practice your aims. You will realize it is not at all how easy it actually looks. Challenge yourself and enjoy these activities and have fun.

Other activities here are off road biking, jeep safaris, camping and tent stays that you can enjoy.

Tent Stay in Kandi 900

For the adventure lovers staying in a tent can be a great option here. It would be thrilling as well as adventurous at the same time. Tentgram 900 Kandi offers a beautiful experience of tent camping. With campfires, trekking activities, off road jeep and bike rides, waterfall expeditions this would be a thrilling experience. The entry fee for Tentgram 900 Kandi is Rs. 1900 per person that includes night stay along with breakfast and lunch.

900 Kandi Resort

You can get good options for hotel stays in Wayanad. If you are looking for places to stay near 900 Kandi then The Woods Resort is a good option. Other options are 900 Kandi Ela Blooms, Zeno Village 900 Kandi, Emerald Country 900 Resort etc. You can also opt for camping and tent stays if you are willing to explore the adventurous side as a part of your whole traveling.  


Things to remember before visiting 900 Kandi

Personal vehicles are not allowed after a certain point. It is mandatory to rent either a 4 wheeler jeep or bikes to continue the road trip.

900 Kandi Eco Park is like a sky park, an Eco Park, a place for outdoor and indoor recreational activities, adventure zone, and trekking hot spot all at once. This is like that entertainment zone that offers something for everyone.

The trekking trails are steep and take a lot of effort to complete. So do give it a thought before you plan a visit here about your health and fitness. It is advisable that older people should not visit here. Also it would not be a good idea to travel with kids. A lot of camping sites and trekking trails do not allow kids below 2 years of age. So do check beforehand.

Do carry your own water bottles and light snacks.

The Glass Bridge is the longest in Kerala which is 100 feet long.

It is recommended that you take along a local hired tour guide as that would ensure your safety. Also they will be able to tell you many interesting stories and information about the trekking trails.

Once a best kept secret of Wayanad, the 900 Kandi is becoming popular every day. Due to the visit of many tourists in recent times and their feedback on social media, this place is gaining momentum. The beautiful landscape, lush greenery, cascading waterfall, and the coffee and cardamom plantations that will be included in your journey are the highlights of this trip. This trekking would ensure you completely soak into the beauty of nature forgetting about the hard busy bustling life. The efforts of trekking would all make sense once you reach up there to the most picturesque spot. It would eventually release the tiredness of the journey and the only thing in front of you would be the greenery.

So if you are in search of an adventurous spot that also comes with its own natural goodness, do consider visiting here. Kandi 900 Wayanad is that perfect destination for you to embrace nature to its fullest. Do let me know when you are planning your visit to this place. Also let me know if you are intrigued enough to visit this location after reading this article. I would love to know.

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Sir we are 2 sixty plus ladies in good health.You said we have to leave our personal vehicle at the entrance.From there take bike or jeep to top.Is it a must to trek or will vehicle go to glass bridge?


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