Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar Timings, Distance, Photos, Location

by Surojit Palmal
Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar

Waterfalls cascade as a gift of nature. If this is not a gift of nature then what else could be. The natural beauty, the serenity and the spontaneity of waterfalls makes them a site of wonder. If you have not seen a waterfall in front of your eyes then you are certainly missing out on a large chunk of nature. As a tourist spot Kerala is popular for its beauty. It offers breathtaking views and there is so much to explore here. And Munnar is one such spot in this location that is again popular for the beautiful sightseeing options you get here. The Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar is one such spot that you need to explore when you are in Munnar.

This pristine waterfall is located at a higher altitude which further elevates its beauty to another level. And the greenery that surrounds this gorgeous waterfall also makes it a beauty in itself. For nature lovers this is like one of the gorgeous spots to explore. And not just that even for adventure lovers the location is perfect as this spot is also popular for its boulder hiking. Now you know why you need to visit here. But first read this article as I will mention each and every information that you probably need to know to plan a trip to Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar. After reading this article it would be super easy for you to plan a successful trip to Lakkam Waterfalls.

Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar

Location of Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar: Munnar-Udumalpet Road, Marayoor, Kerala

Lakkam Waterfalls timings: 8 am to 5 pm on all days

Entry fee of Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar:

Rs. 20 per person. If you want to take a guided trek the Eravikulam National Park arrange it at the cost of Rs. 100 per person

Overview of Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar

Overview of Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Lakkam Waterfalls or Lakkom Falls is a pristine waterfall which is located at an alluring height of 7300 feet above sea level. One thing that makes this waterfall even more unique is that the origin of this waterfall is from a plateau and not a hill, which is unlike other waterfalls. This waterfall originates from the Eravikulam Plateau and then drops off into a pool. Dense vega trees surround this waterfall and there are big boulders present here as well. To reach the waterfall one needs to climb or hike up the boulders to get close to the fall.

The height of this waterfall is 50 feet and has multiple cascades. However this waterfall even has cascades that the travelers cannot even access. The waterfall originates from the Eravikulam National Park and if you travel inside the park you might find the source of this waterfall too. At a distance of 13 km this fall rolls down at the Pambar River. The site of the water gushing down at the pool is an enchanting sight with small fishes swimming in it. Even when you dip your feet into the water you might feel the nibbling of the fishes at your feet. This would almost feel like taking a natural fish spa.

What’s more?

To visit the waterfall you need to buy tickets first from the ticket counter. And then there is a stairway that you need to climb to reach the waterfall. There are about 100 steps here that you will have to climb. At first the beginning of this would seem easy as the steps are normal here. But after sometime they get bigger and will become more like big boulders. This would however need some level of precision to climb up. But there is no need to worry as the way is well defined here. So even if you are travelling all alone you can go forward to get close to the waterfall.

However once you reach the waterfall do not get too close to the fall as that can be dangerous. The force of the waterfall is tremendous and if you lose balance then you will get hit by the big boulders here. There is a clear demarcation here that divides a general water pool and the high risk area. So try to follow that restriction for your own safety and be careful.

You can plan to swim here though or even soak your fit into the water. For that, try to wear waterproof footwear. Being barefoot at this spot may not be the best idea as the boulders are quite rocky. Also they can be slippery as well so wear footwear with a good grip. Another thing to look out for is leeches. You can apply antiseptic liquids so that the leeches don’t latch onto you. And in case they attack you, carry some turmeric along which helps in loosening their grip. Since this is a proper tropical forest area these issues are common. So be careful and be ready for facing these challenges as well.

How to reach Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar

By air

The nearest airport to reach the waterfall is the Cochin International Airport. It is by far the quickest way to travel here. However Munnar does not have its own airport though and the Cochin Airport is 130 km away from the waterfall. It takes around 4 hours to reach the waterfall if you are travelling by car. You will easily get cars from the airport to reach here.

By train

You can also choose to travel by train if you wish too. There are AC 2 tiers as well as 3 tier Sleeper Compartments that you can choose for convenient travel. Non AC compartments are also available that you can opt for. The nearest railway station to reach here is the Aluva Railway Station. Another railway station near the waterfall is the Kalady Railway Station or Angamaly Railway Station. From both the stations it would take you around 4 hours to reach the Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar. The distance is about 130 km to reach here.

By road

You will find buses on this route and this is the best way to travel for solo travelers. Overnight buses are also a good option to travel on this route as you get the required rest during your journey too. The Marayur Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to reach the Lakkam Waterfalls. It is around 15 km away from the waterfall and you can take local transport like an auto rickshaw to reach there. Also there are shared jeeps as well that can take you to the waterfalls in around half an hour. If you are opting for auto rickshaw it would be advisable to book one for your return as well. Otherwise it might get a little difficult to find an auto rickshaw on your way to return from the waterfalls.

Another option is to hire a taxi or a car and you can travel from any nearby cities. While booking a car make sure the driver is well acquainted with the roadways that lead to the waterfall. And not all drivers and cars can drive through conveniently in these roadways. An experienced driver is much needed for this journey. Similarly if you are self driving you should be ready to face the driving challenges on the roads as well.

Best time to visit Lakkam Waterfalls

The ideal time to visit this beautiful waterfall is during the monsoon and winter season. From October to March, which is the winter season, it is mostly the peak time to visit here. As the weather is most comfortable during this time it would be convenient to explore the area well. So you can definitely visit here during this time of the year.

The monsoon season is yet another time when the waterfall rises up to its best with its full volume. Furthermore this is the time when the waterfall looks the prettiest with its gushing streams of water. But there is one restriction during the monsoon season as well. Sometimes excessive heavy rain restricts movements within the national park and therefore the waterfall also becomes inaccessible during those times. So it is advisable to check the weather conditions if you are planning a visit during the monsoon season and plan accordingly.


Places to visit near Lakkam Waterfalls Munnar

Gulmohar Viewpoint

This is a vantage point located in the Kannan Devan hills in Kerala on the Munnar Udumalpet Road. This is one of the peaks that offer an all encompassing view of the whole hill station. The area is popular for the blooming of Gulmohar flowers and the place also derived its name from that. It can be a beautiful spot that you can visit nearby.

Anamudi Shola Forest

Located in the Idukki district, this is the Anamudi National Park that spreads across an area of 7. 5 sq km. This is located at a height of 7562 feet or 2305 meters and is one of the popular sightseeing spots here.

Eravikulam National Park

Spreading across 97 sq km this is a huge national park popular for its vast range of flora and fauna. It is a national park that houses the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Also you can find the Neelakurinji flowers here that bloom just once in every 12 years.

Wrapping Up!

The Munnar Lakkam Waterfalls is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Munnar. If you are ever visiting Munnar then this is one of the locations that you cannot afford to miss out on. However this is a pretty location that also offers an adventurous side for you to enjoy. So enjoy the trek to the waterfall and then you will feel fresh. It is located a little far away from the main city so it is also a very tranquil area. You will surely enjoy a visit to the Lakkam Waterfalls. Let me know if this article of Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar is helpful for you in planning a trip there.

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