Things to buy in Shimla, Famous Market in Shimla

by Surojit Palmal
Things to buy in Shimla

Travelling is not just about visiting various tourist destinations. It is also about collecting memories. And other than photographs if there can be something that you can take back along with you it is the things you buy from there. Let’s face this! We all love shopping. And shopping is more enjoyable, when you are at any tourist location. Furthermore if you are buying things from somewhere you can just take back a slice of that location with you. Shimla being a popular tourist destination is visited by many tourists on a regular basis. And you won’t believe there are so many amazing things to buy in Shimla.

Furthermore Shimla is known for its beautiful markets as well. In fact you should include visitingmarket in Shimla as a part of your itinerary. If not anything else, at least you should buy some famous things in Shimla. And when you get back you can have them for your memories. So if you are going to Shimla then get ready to buy a lot of Shimla famous things. If you are wondering what is famous in Shimla, then let me tell you. In this article I will mention what all things to buy in Shimla. After reading this article you will have a clear idea about where to shop famous things of Shimla. Keep on reading as it will be a helpful read for you. Check out all the things to buy in Shimla along with markets in Shimla.

Things to buy in Shimla

Markets in Shimla

Mall Road in Shimla

If there can be one thing that you need to include as a part of itinerary it is Shimla Mall Road shopping. Mall road in Shimla is in itself an extremely vivacious and vibrant location. With a number of shops offering the Shimla famous things you would be spoilt for choice. Ranging from woolens to dry fruits to clothing items the shopaholic in you would be excited after visiting here. Out of all the things to buy in Shimla, don’t forget to get your hands on some woolens.

Furthermore the mall road in Shimla is like a shopper’s paradise and is an important commercial centre. Most of the tourists visit the mall road to get their hands on choice-able souvenirs to take back home. What makes this market even more special is the fact that things from different budgets are available here. From Woolen garments to Himachali caps to Pashmina shawls they have it all. The carpets and rugs are also one of the things to buy in Shimla.

Mall Road in Shimla
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Moving on, there are Tibetan accessories and traditional jewelleries that you can buy from here. It would be great to take a few pieces to pair with your traditional outfits later. Also you can even buy some for your near and dear ones back home. It doesn’t really end here. You can also buy special jams and pickles and also honey from here as well. Shimla also has a good collection of leather goods as well that you can check out. Basically visiting the Mall road in Shimla is more of an experience. Vehicles are prohibited there so that the shoppers can fully enjoy themselves. So make a visit there and you will get a lot of things to buy in Shimla.

Lakkar Bazar in Shimla

As the name suggests this is a market in Shimla especially for wooden items. It is actually a one of a kind market in Shimla that has so much to offer. Here you will find a variety of items made of wood and they are masterpieces. You would be surprised by the intricate work and craftsmanship there. From home décor items to small souvenirs you can find a lot of things to buy in Shimla here. Majorly made by local artists you will find the variety alluring here.

Ranging from wooden toys to wooden flower vases, carved wooden sticks, candle stands, wooden pots, you have it all here. Furthermore they have wooden cutlery, wooden key chains, small wooden idols and a variety of showpieces here. After a point you will find the variety attractive and wonder how many things can be made from just wood. Even though there are items as big and as small here, you can only buy as much as you can carry. If it’s possible for you to buy bigger things then you can get them. Otherwise they have plenty of smaller things to buy in Shimla too.

Furthermore other than wooden items this market is known for their fresh fruits as well. You will get fresh plums, cherries, mangoes and peaches here. Also this location has a good variety of sweet shops too. If you have a sweet tooth then you have a lot to explore here already. Other than that the famous Sita Ram Shop is also located here. This shop is known for their delicious Chole Bhature, so do try that too. Amongst other things to buy in Shimla check out local shawls and carpets here as well.


Lower Bazar in Shimla

This is another famous market in Shimla. One of the popular shopping destinations in Shimla you can find a lot of Shimla famous things here. However the place has to be explored really well on foot to get the best of it. It is located at the western end of the Mall. Furthermore this market is mostly known for its woolen items. You can check out a range of sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, woolen gloves and socks here. A variety of handicrafts items are also found here. There are small alleys in this market. Each of the roads has narrow lanes lined with shops.

Have ample amount of time in hand to explore the place well. Colourful earthen pots, pottery items to dry fruits and medicinal herbs you will get many things to buy in Shimla. And the Lower Bazar is one of the places in Shimla to shop your heart out. So make sure you are surely visiting here.


 Tibetan Market in Shimla

If you are in Shimla wondering about things to buy in Shimla just do not miss visiting the Tibetan market. What is most attractive about this market is how colourful and lively the vibe here is. With shops lined up and bargaining of shoppers it is like a paradise for shopaholics. Furthermore the kinds of things available here makes it even more attractive. Obviously here also woolen clothes, mufflers, sweaters, gloves are first choices for shoppers. Other things to buy in Shimla here are carpets, rugs, Tibetan accessories, jewelries etc. Not just that they have a really good collection of boots and shoes as well.

From trendy clothing to aesthetic home décor goods this market offers a lot to the visitors. Along with that you can get antique goods here as well along with feng shui items. This market is majorly run by Tibetan refugees. So a distinct touch and authenticity is visible in the goods here. You can check out the collection of silver jewellery here as well. The choices are massive. Leather items are also something which is popular here. You will get a lot of things to buy in Shimla Tibetan market. Do not miss out on visiting this spot.


What is famous in Shimla?

Even though I have mentioned the markets and the things to buy in Shimla, there are some specific things that you need to know about. If you are visiting Shimla, the Shimla markets can be too overwhelming for you in terms of variety. In that scenario, have this list handy and shortlist the things to buy in Shimla.

Himachali Caps and Hats

Generally made of wool, the shape of these caps makes them more interesting. It may not be something you can use or even wear on a daily basis. But you can get this as a part of your memory of visiting Shimla. In Himachal Pradesh VIPs and law makers are mostly seen wearing these hats. You can check them out while checking out things to buy in Shimla.

Kinnauri Shawls, Kangra Silk, Pashmina Shawls

These are specific products that are famous in Shimla. If you are in Shimla you can visit the Himachal Emporium in Mall Road. They are known for selling authentic products. So definitely check these out.

Shimla organic products

The taste of fresh fruits and juices are different in Shimla. Organic fruits and vegetables are one of the things to buy in Shimla. Along with that do buy the honey, jam, and pickles here.

Handmade items

You would agree there is a different charm in hand tailored things. And Shimla is a hub of these items. Here the local craftsmen and artists are very talented who make beautiful handmade items. Some of the things to buy in Shimla are metal goods, wooden goods, key chains, cloaks, woolen caps, hand tailored paper etc. If something can be added to the list of handmade items then there are handmade paintings too. You will find many beautiful paintings here that are perfect as a home décor item. In case you are looking for anything like that, check the paintings out.

Woolen items

Of course when in Shimla you cannot miss out on buying some woolens. One of the top things to buy in Shimla, the woolen items here are beautiful. Being a hill station, you will find heavy woolen items here sold at very affordable rates. From trendy and stylish designs to materials and colours you will be spoilt for choice here. Make sure you are definitely grabbing some woolens from Shimla.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to shopping, many of us don’t know where to stop. And that would exactly happen to you when you are in Shimla. The beautiful Shimla famous items will win over your heart for sure. Make sure you have some extra space in your bag to dump all the things that you buy from Shimla. Furthermore people back at home would be waiting for you to bring some token of love. And Shimla can be a really good place to shop for gifts as well. Make a separate budget for shopping as you will find a lot of things to buy in Shimla. Visit the famous markets in Shimla mentioned above and shop till you drop. I am sure your heart and bags will both be full after this shopping spree. Can’t say about your pockets though!

So when are you planning your amazing fun trip to Shimla? And have you planned about the things to buy in Shimla? Let me know if this article is helpful for you in knowing the best shopping places in Shimla. Have you shortlisted what things to buy in Shimla? Or you are more confused about that after reading this article? I would love to know.

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