Kalka to Shimla Toy Train Booking, Ticket Price, Timings

by Surojit Palmal
Kalka to Shimla Toy Train

How many of you have ever enjoyed a train journey? I guess almost everyone. But how many of you have enjoyed a scenic toy train journey though? Yes this journey is not at all something like what you have experienced. It can be one of the most cherishing experiences in your life. Trust me when I say this, the Kalka to Shimla Toy Train journey can undoubtedly be an experience that you would like to treasure forever. For anyone travelling to Shimla, this Kalka to Shimla Toy Train ride is an essential part of the Shimla tour. Your Shimla tour will be incomplete if you miss out on this scenic train ride.

Moreover Shimla itself is the Queen of beauty. However, while travelling from Kalka to Shimla by Toy Train, you can get the best view of the mountains. And what comes along is the verdant greenery, tunnels, waterfall, bridges and what not. Himachal Pradesh can be best experienced via this scenic toy train ride. And you will feel like you continue going on this journey forever. It can be one such trip where you will feel sad when you reach your destination because it would keep you wanting for more. So do you want to know everything about the Kalka to Shimla Toy Train trip? Then keep on reading this article as I will mention each and every detail here.

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train

Address: Kalka Shimla Road, Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh

Overview of Kalka to Shimla Toy Train journey

This toy train ride can be one of the most unique experiences that you can enjoy during your Shimla tour. In a way this ride also highlights the rich colonial past of this beautiful hill station. Of course the natural beauty that it offers is way too appealing too. What makes this ride even more attractive is the fact that the train passes through more than 800 bridges and about a 100 tunnels. Kalka to Shimla Toy Train distance is 60 miles or 96 km. Furthermore this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that came into being in 1903. It can be one of the most alluring experiences to go through this serene landscape covering 60 miles.

History of Kalka Shimla Toy Train

History of Kalka Shimla Toy Train
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

During British rule Shimla was the official summer capital. Because of the pleasant weather here the British used to enjoy staying here. Also this was in a way a respite from the scorching heat as well. However the connectivity to Shimla during that time was poor. Moreover the modes of transport whatever was available were risky and dangerous. Along with that it was quite time taking as well. All of that was extremely inconvenient for the British. They wanted to have an easy solution for it. Therefore it was them who started a narrow gauge train in 1903 in November from Kalka to reach Shimla. Lord Curzon was the one who enjoyed this train ride a lot. And from then this train is continuing to function on a regular basis till today.

 At present this is also one of the major attractions for tourists as well. For that this route is now more developed and offers better services. Because of the natural beauty of this route the toy train ride also secured a position in the UNESCO list of Heritage Sites. Overall this is one of the most beautiful train rides that you can find in the country.

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train timings:

There are different types of trains and therefore the timings for Shimla to Kalka and Kalka to Shimla varies. The Kalka to Shimla Toy Train time table is the same for all days from Sunday to Monday.

Kalka to Shimla toy train timings

Rail Motor Car (72451): 5:10 am from Kalka and reaches Shimla at 9:50 am

Shivalik Deluxe Express Toy Train (52451): 5:20 am from Kalka and reaches Shimla at 10 am

Himalayan Queen Toy Train (52455): 12:10 pm from Kalka and reaches Shimla at 5:30 pm

Shimla to Kalka toy train timings

Rail Motor Car (72452): 4:25 pm from Shimla and reaches Kalka at 9:35 pm

Shivalik Deluxe Express Toy Train (52452): 5:50 pm from Shimla and reaches Kalka at 10:30 pm

Himalayan Queen Toy Train (52456): 10:40 am from Shimla and reaches Kalka at 4:10 pm

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train ticket price:

Rail Motor Car costs Rs. 320 for adults and Rs. 160 for children

Shivalik Deluxe Express Toy Train costs Rs. 510 for adults and Rs. 255 for children

Himalayan Queen Toy Train costs Rs. 470 for adults and Rs. 235 for children


Extra Toy Trains for holiday season

To manage the rush during the holiday season there are special trains at this route as well other than the regular ones. These are Shivalik Queen and Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach. During peak seasons in between months of May to July, September, October, December and January these trains ply on the route. However the Kalka to Shimla Toy Train booking of normal trains as well as special trains should be done many months in advance because of holiday rush. Shivalik Special starts from Shimla at 3:50 pm and reaches Kalka at 9 pm.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Route

The journey of this beautiful toy train begins from the Kalka Railway Station in the district of Haryana. The train takes a climb of 656 metres and covers 96 km. At an impressive height of 6812 metres the view is breathtaking here. However it covers a total of 18 stations throughout the whole journey. These are Kalka, Taksal, Gumman, then Koti, Sonwara, Dharampur, Kumarhatti. And then moving on it travels through Barog, Solan, Salogra, Kandaghat, Kanoh, Kathleegat, Shoghi, Taradevi, Jutoh, Summer Hill and finally reaches Shimla. Some trains stop at the stations while others halt at only a few. The stoppage time and number of stoppages somehow determine the time of travel too. These stations are however well equipped and you can buy some refreshments like food, snacks, tea or even meals and enjoy them.

Details about Kalka to Shimla Toy Train Service

The trains available in this route cost different and are different in what they offer too.

Rail Motor Car

The first train is the Rail Motor Car which is a single coach train. It is available daily from Kalka to Shimla and again from Shimla to Kalka. This train looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing with beautiful lights and transparent glass roof. It further has cushioned chairs for the ultimate comfort, a LCD along with AC. You also get 2 plug points for charging your devices as well. Additionally it has a capacity of 14 to 18 passengers here.

You also get food service during your journey as well. However, the ones who don’t prefer having the food early in the morning can wait for the train to stop at Barog station. Here the stoppage timing is near about 20 minutes and you can enjoy a heavy meal with 2 bread slices, butter, and a cup of coffee along with an omelette for non vegetarians and vegetable cutlet for vegetarians. All of this will cost you only Rs. 50. The Barog station itself is picturesque so don’t forget to enjoy the views from there. And also take some pictures for memory as well.

Shivalik Deluxe Express Toy Train

As the name suggests this one is an express train as well as a luxury train too. It has a provision for accommodation of about 120 passengers. The train looks gorgeous with carpet, cushioned seats for luxury and comfort, huge glass windows. The toilets are well equipped too and hygienic. There is soft soothing music in the train which creates an ambience. Here also they offer food that includes 2 pieces of brown bread, jam, butter, veg cutlet and ketchup. The seats are reversible and come with foldable side tables. You will also get a bottle of water and hot water in a thermos to make your tea or coffee. No stops are listed during the journey but still the train halts at Barog station for some time.

Himalayan Queen

This is the standard train that comes with both first and second class carriages. If not travelling in a first class there can be some issues with toilets and hard seats. This is not a luxury train so the space is also a little cluttered in the 2nd class coach to keep luggage. It stops at 9 stations and stops for 5-10 minutes. Food service is not available here.

Shivalik Queen

This one is the luxury train that only functions one day a week during peak season. For ultimate luxury this is the perfect option. It is well equipped with facilities like dining table, kitchen, refrigerator, cushion beds, cushioned sofas. It takes around 5 and a half hours for the whole journey with 9 stops in total.

How to reach Kalka

By air

The nearest airport to reach this spot is Chandigarh airport.

By train

You can reach Kalka from Delhi by train in about 4 hours and the distance covered is 269 km.

By road

From nearby places like Chandigarh or Delhi you can hire a cab or a car or take a shared ride to reach Kalka. Also Volvo buses are available that you can opt for but booking is recommended in advance.

Wrapping Up!

This can be one of the most memorable experiences for you during your Shimla tour. To enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and passing through so many tunnels and bridges can be quite a fun ride for sure. This toy train ride is not like any regular train ride. Moreover you would understand this difference only if you try this yourself. So when you plan to visit Shimla keep this toy train ride included in your itinerary.

However make sure you are booking your tickets many days in advance. There is a sharp demand for this toy train ride. Especially if you are travelling during peak holiday season, it would be tough to get a ticket without advance booking. So plan your trip well and book your tickets as soon as possible. After all you surely cannot miss out this beauty of Kalka to Shimla Toy Train ride. Let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning your trip to this gorgeous location.

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