Okhla Bird Sanctuary Timings, Ticket Price, Metro Station, Photos

by Surojit Palmal
Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Bird sanctuaries are not just a haven for birdwatchers. Even regular people who enjoy nature and natural beauty will love visiting a bird sanctuary. So if you are also one of them then I have a very good option for you. If you are near Delhi, Noida or anywhere nearby then the Okhla Bird Sanctuary can be a good spot for a visit. Mostly known for the rich variety of bird species this sanctuary is a perfect spot to enjoy amidst nature.

Furthermore if you are bored with your regular visuals of big buildings and polluted roads then this sanctuary can be a relief for you. Get ready to soak in to nature and visit the Okhla Bird Sanctuary Delhi. In this article I will mention every single thing that you probably need to know about this Bird Sanctuary. Keep on reading this article if you are planning a visit to this sanctuary. This will be a helpful read for you and will help you plan a successful trip to this location.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Location : Noida Plaza, N Block, Sector 95, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Timings: The Okhla Bird Sanctuary timings are from 7 am to 5 pm in the evening on all days.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary ticket price:

Entry fee of Okhla Bird Sanctuary is Rs. 30 for Indian citizens. For foreign tourists the entry fee is Rs. 350. In case you are carrying a camera then there are additional charges of Rs. 500.


Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Located on the Okhla Barrage on Yamuna River, the Okhla Bird sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Spreading across an area of 3.5 sq km this bird sanctuary is located on the Delhi UP border. Almost around 300 different species of birds are spotted here that makes it an interesting sight to visit. Furthermore it is also one of the Important Bird Areas (IBA).

In accordance with the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act this sanctuary was designated as a sanctuary. A haven for bird species, this sanctuary also houses several water birds. This sanctuary is exactly located at the position where the Yamuna River enters Uttar Pradesh. One of the fifteen bird sanctuaries in the state, this sanctuary in Noida has one prominent feature. Here a large lake is created by damming the Yamuna River. It is located in between Okhla Village and Gautam Budhha Nagar.

Filled with many beautiful green trees this bird sanctuary serves a lush backdrop. So many birds are seen in this sanctuary because of its strategic location and vegetation. With grasslands, thorny scrub and wetland the sanctuary has a rich green cover as well. It can be an ideal spot for picnics, day outs and a place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

How to reach Okhla Bird Sanctuary

By air

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the closest airport to reach the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This airport is well connected to the majority of the cities and even abroad. From the airport you will get a cab or you can even hire a car to reach the sanctuary.

By train

The Nizamuddin Railway Station is the closest railway station to reach the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This railway station is about 10 km to 15 km away from the sanctuary. Local transport is available from the railway station to reach this place.

By road

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located at a strategic location in the end of Delhi and the start of UP. This location is connected well by roadways. So if you are travelling from nearby cities you can definitely drive through the city to reach the sanctuary. Furthermore buses and cabs are also available for smooth travelling.


Okhla Bird Sanctuary nearest metro

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro Station is the nearest metro station to reach the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

Distance of Okhla Bird Sanctuary from nearby cities

·         Gurugram 43 km

·         Vrindavan 150 km

·         Mathura 152 km

·         Agra 209 km

·         Rishikesh 234 km

·         Chandigarh 265 km

·         Nainital 296 km

·         Shimla 361 km

·         Punjab 396 km

·         Amritsar 466 km

·         Pune 1389 km

·         Mumbai 1396 km

·         Kolkata 1532 km

·         Hyderabad 1549 km

·         Bangalore 2143 km

·         Chennai 2176 km

Best time to visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The winter months are ideally the best time to visit this Bird Sanctuary. From the months between November to February the time is perfect along with the weather. Furthermore, the winter season is the time when more visitors are attracted to this bird sanctuary. The reason behind this is the visibility of migratory birds. Winter season is the time when the migratory birds come and visit the sanctuary. It is one of the perfect times for the birdwatchers to visit the sanctuary in winters. Also the weather during this time is most pleasant that makes it an ideal time to explore the area well.

However you must avoid visiting here during the summer season as this location experiences very hot and humid summers. The temperature gets really high and the scorching sun will be uncomfortable for the visitors. Even the monsoon season is not a good time for a visit to this sanctuary. This area receives heavy rainfall during monsoon and that can totally dampen the travel spirit. So plan your visit accordingly.


History of Okhla Bird Sanctuary

This area was always a popular site for the birdwatchers even before the formation of this sanctuary. The area surrounding the Okhla Barrage along the Yamuna River was a rich site for spotting bird species. Ornithological Surveys run from 1943 to 1945 marked a record of birds in this sanctuary. Furthermore Mrs. Usha Ganguly in her book A Guide to the Birds mentioned the avifaunal richness of this location.

After the construction of the barrage, and later the formation of the lake in 1986, resulted in an increase in bird watching activities in this area. Finally in 1990 this area was declared as a protected Area under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.  However the bird count in this sanctuary has simultaneously reduced due to the shrinking of the marshlands here. Along with rapid growth and urbanization the population of birds has been affected. Various measures are taken for the protection and sustenance of the birds in the area.

Birds in Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Birds in Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Around 302 species of birds are recorded from the Okhla Bird Sanctuary that makes it an important bird area. Along with that 27 probable bird species are added to the list but are not confirmed. What makes the Okhla Bird Sanctuary a rich space for birds is the number game here. Around 400 species of birds are spotted here in a year which is huge. Alongside, over 100, 000 migratory birds are hosted here during the winter season. Statistics reveal that about 30% of the total bird species recorded in the Indian subcontinent is seen here.

Regular bird species:

·         Pied Kingfisher

·         Barn Owl

·         Rain Quail

·         Indian Roller

·         Comb Duck

·         Yellow Crowned Woodpecker

·         Wood Sandpiper etc

Two Critically Endangered Species are found here

·         White Rumped vulture

·         Indian Vulture

Seven Near Threatened Species that includes:

·         Grey Headed Fish Eagle

·         Black Bellied Tern

·         Ferruginous Pochard

Nine Vulnerable Species including:

·         Baer’s Pochard

·         Sociable Lapwing

·         Baikal Teal

·         Sarus Crane

·         Indian Skimmer

·         Lesser Adjutant

·         Palla’s Fish Eagle

·         Finn’s Weaver

·         Bristled Grassbird

Flora of Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Not just birds, this sanctuary is also rich with its floral content. A variety of plants, flowering plants, and large trees are housed here. Furthermore more than 188 species of plants are reported in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

Some of them include:

·         Sheesaham

·         Babul

·         Herbaceous Vines

·         Keikar

·         Medicinal Herbs

·         Exotic species of plants

·         Shrubs

·         Hemal

It can be an ideal spot to explore the wildlife. With wild bushes and shrubs the bird sanctuary offers thick foliage. Furthermore this thick foliage serves as an ideal spot for the habitation of birds.


Tourist attraction in Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Yamuna River

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located just beside the Yamuna River. Undoubtedly the river is one of the most majestic sights to enjoy while you are here. The Yamuna River does not only compliment the bird sanctuary in making this a gorgeous looking spot. Furthermore the river is also one of the most major sources of water in the bird sanctuary. However the river also adds a lot of charm to this location therefore making it one of the most important tourist attractions here.

Lake at Okhla Bird sanctuary

The lake created in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary by damming the Yamuna River is a major tourist attraction. Not only it enhances the beauty of the location but also serves as a major source of water. Furthermore the lake also houses Spot Billed Ducks, Northern Shovelers and Brown Headed Gulls and Waterfowls here. It is one of the most splendid sites that you can enjoy at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

Stupa 18 Gallery

Located only 10 km away from the Bird Sanctuary the Stupa 18 Gallery is a popular tourist attraction nearby. This is an art gallery that houses contemporary arts here. Handmade sculptures, various portraits and paintings, and other artistic things are exhibited here. If you are interested in art and artistic displays then you can surely consider visiting here.

Gautam Buddha Park

This is another popular tourist attraction near the sanctuary. Located only 2 km away from the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, this is a popular park nearby. The visitors visit here to have a serene time and enjoy some time with their friends and family. Furthermore even for the locals this is a popular spot for a day out. It can be a good spot for enjoying a weekend with your family and friends.

Wrapping Up!

So now that you already know everything about the Okhla Bird sanctuary do not be late and start planning a visit here already. For a person who enjoys the serenity of nature this sanctuary will be an ideal visit. The abundance of avifaunal variety will leave you mesmerized for sure. So let me know when you are planning a visit to this amazing sanctuary. Also let me know if this article was helpful for you in planning a trip to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. 

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