Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

by Surojit Palmal
Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Food is one of the ways by which we can express ourselves. And as there is the saying, to win over heart you must go through the stomach. Moreover the state of Uttar Pradesh knows it too well. As rich the culture of the state is, the food here is even richer. What makes the state of Uttar Pradesh special is how the people here own up to their own culture. Not just that they hold on to their traditional roots and therefore take pride in it too. It would not be a surprise if you hear a person from UP saying, “Hum UP wale hain” in order to showcase their pride for the state. The famous food of Uttar Pradesh is rich, be it culture laden or flavor wise.

What makes it even more mouthwatering is the long tradition of Nawabs that has influenced the culinary skill here. You will find a delectable Nawabi touch in the most famous food of Uttar Pradesh. So do you want to know what is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh? In this article I will mention the Uttar Pradesh famous food. So if you are planning a visit there then this article will be very helpful for you. Furthermore, this article will be like a handy guide for your food journey in the state. So keep on reading about the mouth watering delicacies.

Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani - Famous food of Uttar Pradesh
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The discussion about the most famous food of Uttar Pradesh cannot begin without mentioning the Lucknowi biriyani. Even though you can find biriyani at a lot of places across India, the variant you find here is different. The aromatic and flavourful Lucknowi biryani has flavours at every bite you take. Moreover this is one of the legacies that the Nawabs had left for us to savour even today. The rice of this biriyani is long-grained, aromatic and fluffy. With each of the rice you will find flavours attached. Furthermore the prominent blend of flavours is something that you cannot miss out.

The biryani here is spiced using whole spices which is a mix of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Along with a generous amount of rose water, kewra water is added here. All of these blend together, to give you an aroma that will attract you from afar. And the showstopper here is also the succulent piece of meat. Be it chicken or mutton, the meat is soft and juicy. Cooked to perfection the meat is infused with all kinds of flavours. And further the aroma of the meat gets infused in the rice. And there is probably no end to the description of how delicious this tastes. A person who has not tasted this would never be able to understand this. So if you are ever visiting there make sure you try the biriyani. And then let me know if my description was correct.

Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab - Famous food of Uttar Pradesh
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

If there can be anything that Uttar Pradesh is famous for it is their kebabs. And obviously the Galouti Kebab comes first on that list. The word galouti translates to melt in the mouth. And the feel of the kebab is related to its name itself. This is actually a melt in the mouth kebab that would disappear as soon as you take a bite. These are mostly so soft that it is hard to pick up with a spoon or fork. What makes it special is the preparation procedure and the preparation time as well. The experienced chefs make the marination of minced meat preferably mutton, lamb or beef and mix raw papaya in it. Raw papaya acts as the tenderizer of the meat and later they add all sorts of spices in it.

After keeping them for long hours the chef roasts the kebab lightly on top of a tawa which gives a charred texture from outside. However the inside remains so succulent that it will disappear in your mouth. If you have never tasted authentic galouti kebab you need to try this one out for sure. Even the aroma that comes after a generous use of saffron, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, kewra water will stay with you for long. It is one such famous food of Uttar Pradesh that you won’t be able to forget and crave more for. Special tip is to try them with tawa paratha and enjoy a mouthful blast of flavours.

Bedmi Poori with Subzi

This is a poori but the preparation of this makes it a little different from other pooris. While making the mixture of the poori there is addition of ground lentils like urad dal it. It is one kind of a flavoured poori that is also flavored with other spices. Then it is deep fried in oil and you can enjoy it with aloo sabzi. Even the aloo sabzi served with the pori is special. Mostly the aloo served with it is a little sweet and made in a tomato based gravy. Further it is spiced with cumin, red chilli powder, and turmeric. It is one of the heavenly combinations to have these pooris with the subzi.

The food is comforting for the soul as well as the tummy. The people in UP enjoy this as a part of their breakfast. It won’t be surprising if you notice multiple shops selling this delicacy early in the morning here.



This is one of the most famous sweet dishes that you can find in Uttar Pradesh made with ash gourd. The texture is succulent while the texture looks translucent. It looks and feels beautiful and tastes even better. Here first you need to peel the guard and then you need to cut them into pieces. After that cooking is done in a sweet sugary syrup infused with cardamom, rose water and saffron. The cubes absorb all the flavours and become flavoursome. Various flavours of petha are available here like kesar, angoori and even plain.

It is a sweet delicacy that the people enjoy having any time or it can also serve as a dessert. Furthermore the petha based desserts are also available here like Petha Rabdi or Petha Kheer that taste equally delicious. This dish is like a symbol of celebration in UP. Also it serves as a really good gifting option as well. So when you visit UP, carry some boxes to give to everyone later.

Makhan Malai

Makhan Malai

Now this is a very famous food of Uttar Pradesh and it is also one of the unique items here that you may not be able to find everywhere. It is basically a milk product that comes from churning of milk. When the milk forms the light fluffy froth it needs to be taken and flavoured with strands of saffron, rose water, and cardamom. It smells delicious, tastes light as air and very well can transport you into a rich world of goodness. You can also get them after garnishing with a variety of dry fruits like almonds and pistachios. What makes this a special food is the airy texture. You need to taste this on your own to actually understand the taste of this sweet rustic goodness.

Kakori Kebab

As I have already told, Uttar Pradesh is famous for their kebabs. The next on the list is the Kakori Kebab which is again one of the most famous foods of Uttar Pradesh. Traditionally there is use of lamb meat for this dish along with raw papaya to soften the meat. These are one kind of a kebab that would melt in your mouth quite literally and that is the main trick of the preparation of this item. Another important highlight is the use of charcoal flame in making these kebabs. This ensures that the kebab gets infused in a beautiful smoky aroma that further alleviates the taste. For a burst of flavours in your mouth don’t forget to try out this famous food of Uttar Pradesh.



It would be a sin if you visit Uttar Pradesh and do not try the chat here. The chaats in Uttar Pradesh are world famous and the preparation to presentation makes them different from chaats that are available anywhere else. The famous Kashi Chaat Bhandar in Varanasi is world famous. And people from all over try to at least taste some chaat from there. From aloo tikki chaat, to raj kachori chaat, dahi puri chaat or samosa chaat you can have all of it here. Moreover if you are someone who enjoys the spicy tangy kick in your food, then this can be a heavenly experience for you. Make sure you are trying some chaat as this is a very popular and famous food in Uttar Pradesh that no one should miss out on.


Another thing that is extremely popular in Uttar Pradesh is the Lassi. Now you can get lassi in many other states as well. But there is certainly something special about the ones you can get here. Here the lassi is thick and pure. You would instantly love how rich they look. Furthermore these lassi have varieties of dry fruits that enhance the taste even more. You can get plain as well as flavoured lassis here. The point that makes it special is obviously the servings on the earthen vessels or kulhads. The smell of the kulhad makes this even more special for sure.


Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is another popular and a very famous food of Uttar Pradesh that is not a food but an emotion in itself. The smooth texture, mild sweetness and the subtle flavours makes it a dish you need to try for sure. You can have it alone or can also team this up with hot jalebis and malpuas. Trust me the combo can take your experience a few notches higher. Try this and you can thank me later for suggesting this to you.

Wrapping Up!

The famous food of Uttar Pradesh carries with itself the rich legacy of the Nawabs. That’s why they can give you a luxurious yet comforting feel. Most of this Uttar Pradesh famous food is really rich in aroma and flavours. And you will feel impressed and satisfied with the texture, flavor and aroma of these foods available there. Moreover the food you get there has something for everyone. So try them and let me know what you think of these delicious items. Let me know if this article on most famous food of Uttar Pradesh is helpful for you.

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