Most Expensive Hotels in India

by Surojit Palmal
Most Expensive Hotels in India

As grand as India is as a country, even the hospitality here has to be grand too. However in India you can actually find a lot of heritage properties where you can get all kinds of luxuries. Furthermore these properties promise utmost comfort and luxury as well. A lot of travelers travel for these luxuries. There must be a lot of people willing to pay a bomb on luxury stays. For that you can find some of the most expensive hotels in India.

All these top expensive hotels in India offer services that you would like to treasure for a lifetime. Also the price ranges of a lot of costliest hotels in India are downright crazy. If you are here to know the names of most expensive India hotel then you are at the correct place. In this article I will mention some of the most expensive hotels in India. So if you are planning to enjoy an experience in staying in one of the costliest hotels in India, then keep on reading.

6 Most Expensive Hotels in India

Rambagh Palace Jaipur

Price range: Rs. 24, 000 to Rs. 4, 00, 000

This is a beautiful palace built in 1835 that exudes the royal charm of Rajasthan. It is the palace where Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II once resided with his wife Gayatri Devi. At present this is one of the most expensive hotels in India. The whole palace spreads across an area of 48 acres and is also the largest hotel palace in Rajasthan. No wonder the tourists love visiting here to enjoy a slice of royalty. Furthermore the classic property is taken over by the Taj Group of Hotels. While keeping up with the old world charm this palace is equipped with all kinds of modern amenities.

This palace is one of the most expensive hotels in India and the price range goes up to Rs. 4, 00,000. There is a fine dine restaurant inside the premises as well known as the Jewel of Jaipur. Furthermore the interior of this palace is a living example of timeless beauty. With extended 18th century ballroom, sandstone balustrades, and classy period chandeliers, the place looks pretty. Along with that all kinds of modern equipment are also present here for a luxurious stay. In total there are 78 AC suites here and they impart a beautiful vintage charm.

Furthermore this palace has hosted a lot of celebrity guests as well. Jacqueline Kennedy, Lord Mountbatten and even Price Charles had visited and stayed here. With a period feel, luxurious vibe and modern day comfort this is a world in itself. After visiting here you would know why this is one of the most expensive hotels in India.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Price range: Rs. 25, 000 to Rs. 1, 50,000

Located just on the bank of Lake Pichola this is one of the most expensive hotels in India. What makes this place more attractive is the backdrop it offers. With breathtaking views, majestic architecture, and beautiful landscape you will be transported to a different world. Spread over 30 acres the area is huge to explore. Also the construction of this palace goes back to 190 years ago and the old world charm is very much visible.

Here you will find a separate dining space that offers different experiences. Surya Mahal is the space for day time dining as the name suggests. There is another open space dining area called Chandni. Each of their dining areas are equipped with entertainment quotients. You can enjoy the western cuisine with a breathtaking backdrop in Surya Mahal. However Chandni is known for its traditional vibe with folk dance and song performances.

Furthermore there is a spa here as well that is located just in front of a lily pond. Not just that a separate spa is there as well for the couples to relax in private. There is 1 Kohinoor Suite, 4 Luxurious Suites and 87 lavish rooms here. The interior here is intricately and tastefully done keeping in mind the theme. The luxury suites even come with their private pools as well. In short this can be a world on its own. So for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation you must stay here. Then you would know exactly why this is one of the most expensive hotels in India.


The Leela Palace, New Delhi

Price range: Rs. 11, 000 to Rs. 3, 50, 000

This is one of the newest most expensive hotels in India that opened in 2011. Located at a strategic position, the Leela Palace is ideal for business travelers. Also for people looking for leisurely stay can opt for this. This hotel is built following a mix of Indian and Lutyen architectural styles. Furthermore apart from the accommodation this place also houses some of the luxurious restaurants in Delhi as well. Some of them are Jamavar, Le Cirque, Library Bar, Megu, Lobby Lounge etc. Along with that there is a fitness centre and a spa here as well.

The rooms here are spacious with classy interiors. Furthermore the area of their rooms starts from 548 sq feet and you can understand how massive they are. With stunning wooden furniture and floor to ceiling windows, you can enjoy luxury and comfort both. We can say that one of the expensive hotels in India, the Leela Palace looks aesthetically pleasing. And you will get tons of corners here for clicking some pictures as well. One of the interesting features here is the temperature controlled swimming pool here on the rooftop. Imagine dipping your feet into the pool along with an all encompassing view of the whole city. Yes, that’s exactly one of the things to enjoy here. If you are looking for one of the most expensive hotels in India, this one’s for you.

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Price range: Rs. 24, 000 to Rs. 4, 00, 000

The next one in the list of most expensive hotels in India is in Hyderabad. This one is a luxurious property perched on top of a hill. Covering an area of 32 acres it was once the residential palace for the Paigah family. Furthermore in 2010 the five star group of Taj Hotels took over this one and turned this into a hotel. Undoubtedly it is not just one of the most expensive hotels in India but one of the most beautiful hotels too. Using a blend of colonial and Indian architectural style the palace looks regal and royal. It very well represents the opulent lifestyle of the British along with the lifestyle of Nizams as well. And once you step in here you would know what you are paying for.

Along with 6 dining halls the palace punches a lot of surprises inside. They have a spa, fitness centre and a swimming pool as well. There are a total of 60 rooms and suites here offering gorgeous views. With classy wood flooring and decorated with wooden furniture you will enjoy each bit of royalty. Along with that there are all sorts of modern amenities for a comfortable stay as well. If you are looking for a luxurious and one of the most expensive hotels in India, choose this. And I can guarantee that you won’t regret your choice.


Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Price range: Rs. 9, 500 to Rs. 2, 00, 000

Oberoi Grand in Kolkata is one of the most expensive hotels in India. Also it is one of the oldest hotels in Kolkata built in 1887. And the vintage heritage charm is so much visible here. It is a complete white building that instantly reflects colonial charm. Also known as the Grand Hotel a number of specialty restaurants are also located here. Furthermore they have a gym, a spa and a beautiful pool as well. It is also a perfect place for the business travelers as well. All the rooms here are equipped with all modern amenities and luxuries. So if you are looking for one of the most expensive hotels in India you can certainly consider this one.

Park Hyatt, Goa

Price range: Rs. 12, 000 to Rs. 1, 50, 000

Covering an area of 45 acres this is one of the most expensive hotels in India. Located close to the Arossim Beach this property exudes luxury and charm. Also this was the first Hyatt property in India which was introduced in 2003. You can enjoy all the typical Goa fun and vibe here with a touch of luxury in it. This hotel is huge with 250 AC Rooms and Suites with private balconies. With all kinds of modern amenities this property promises all sorts of luxury. They have an outdoor pool, kid’s play area and luggage storage here. If you are in Goa and looking for one of the most expensive hotels in India do consider checking this one out.

Wrapping Up!

Staying in a luxury property means surrendering into a life of comfort. What matters is the experience that you collect. And if you are visiting any of the top expensive hotels in India mentioned here you will be able to create a lifetime full of memories. The price you are paying will seem justified because of the experience and service that you would enjoy. So if your idea of travelling is all about luxury then you must visit any of these costliest hotels in India. I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

And if you just want some time out and want to relax and rejuvenate nothing can be better than visiting any of these hotels. So have you ever stayed in any of the most expensive hotels in India? And if you have then I would love to know your experience too. Also share if this article is helpful for you in knowing about the most expensive hotels in India.

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