Most Haunted Railway Station in India

by Surojit Palmal
Most Haunted Railway Station in India

What do you think about ghosts and where they live? Usually we know that ghosts mostly choose old buildings, structures and almost abandoned buildings for their stay, right? But do you know there are some railway stations in India which are infamous for witnessing certain disturbing paranormal experiences? There is no proof or certainty about the truth of many such events. But even today there will be a chill down your spine as you listen to these spooky stories related to these railway stations. And let me tell you there are not one but multiple railway stations like this. If you are wondering which is the most haunted railway station in India is then you need to keep on reading this article. In this article I will mention about most haunted railway station in India.

Even though majorly people would avoid visiting such locations, there are also a certain section of people who visit these stations to experience the horror. There is no guarantee on the safety, security or the truth about such locations though. But some of the haunted railway station in India are also popular tourist sites. Do you wish to know about the top 10 haunted railway station in India? If you are an adventurer or simply someone who wants to know more about the list of haunted railway station in India, then keep on reading this article. But a warning, get ready to read about all the eerie bone chilling experiences in the most haunted railway station in India. But, try to not get scared, okay?

Most Haunted Railway Station in India

Dombivli Railway Station, Maharashtra

This is a fully functional and popular railway station in Maharashtra. But the fact that it is considered in the list of most haunted railway stations in India makes it more popular. People have reported seeing a woman crying here and asking to go back home. If you have ever spotted anyone like that, there is a fair chance that is the ghost here. People are of the opinion that this woman lost her life in one of the accidents that took place at this railway station. And from then her spirits roam around the station crying and asking to go home, but can’t.

People have reported eerie feelings along with peculiar vibes at the railway station. Also people have said that they have heard the wails of a woman here as well. This is one of the most haunted railway stations in India and a visit there would definitely be scary as hell.

Begunkodar Railway Station, West Bengal

List of haunted railway station
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Now this is definitely the most haunted railway station in India and the scariest too, do you know why? Because the fear of the people about the railway station being haunted was so deep that the railway station remained completely closed from the 1960s till 2009 when it was reopened by the government. This station is included in the list of top 10 haunted railway station in India and there have been reports of too many disturbing incidents here.

According to the locals once a girl committed suicide here and later her spirits roamed around here. The people here reported seeing the ghost multiple times to the authorities but nobody paid any heed. But later an unfortunate incident happened where the station master and his family died in mysterious circumstances. After that people stopped visiting the station, employees opted out from jobs, trains stopped halts here. And finally the station was closed.

In 2009 however some people urged the government to again reopen this station. They also pointed out that a group of people were promoting Ghost Tourism here by promoting these myths. So the railway station again became functional. However even after that still the ghost fear is still very much there. Also people avoid visiting here after 5 pm in the evening.


Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

In the list of most haunted railway stations in India the name of Chittoor railway station appears. According to beliefs, the ghost of CRPF constable Hari Singh wanders here and he is looking for justice. As per reports in 2013, some RPF personnel and TTEs attacked Hari Singh on a New Delhi to Kerala bound train. However in that attack Hari Singh was brutally affected and later taken to hospital. However he could not survive and breathed his last in a hospital in Chennai. According to people they have felt the presence of Hari Singh at the station looking for justice. Therefore people also avoid visiting here after it gets dark. It is still a fully functional railway station but it gets deserted after it gets dark.

Barog Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh

Barog Railway Station
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is a small railway station in the quaint town of Himachal Pradesh. This railway station is also a part of the longest tunnel on the most adventurous and picturesque Kalka to Shimla Railway route. Moreover there is something else that makes this railway station famous. And that is, people consider this as the most haunted railway station in India. A British Railway Engineer Colonel Barog had the responsibility to build Tunnel no 33. However there was some miscalculation that led to his failure and he could not achieve the task. Because of that the government rebuked him and fined him in front of all his colleagues. But the Colonel was unable to take the failure and one evening when he went for a walk with his dog, he shot himself with a revolver.

This happened very close to the tunnel at the railway station. Later the officials also buried him close to the tunnel to give him tribute. However, according to reports for 10 years nobody could locate his grave. Also many people have reported that they felt his presence at this location. Moreover many people believe he never left the railway station and still wanders here. And the scariest part is often people say that he indulges in friendly conversations with people who don’t know him. Now that is spooky enough right? Would you dare to visit here to have some conversation too? That would be interesting for me to know.

Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

Next in the list of most haunted railway station in India is the Naini railway station located near Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. The Naini Jail is located very close to this railway station. According to local people they have witnessed the spirits of freedom fighters and various revolutionaries who were tortured and beaten to death at the jail here. These spirits wander around in search of peace and don’t harm anyone. But still people are scared of the location for obvious reasons. And the pains of those spirits are also too painful to be felt.


Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, West Bengal

Not exactly the most haunted railway station in India but the Rabindra Sarovar Metro Railway Station is very much a haunted metro station located in Kolkata, West Bengal. There are a lot of spooky and eerie stories that people have reported regarding this metro station in Kolkata. Mostly the passengers of the last train of the day have reported seeing shadows and also heard the crying of women at the station. Some people have also felt the presence of the spirit too close as they have felt hot breath on their skin, but only to find no one while they look back. Even the staff and the drivers of the metro station have reported incidents of witnessing figures floating on the railway tracks. Now that definitely sounds bone chilling and eerie.

Sohagpur Station, Madhya Pradesh

This is again a full functional station where people have reported hearing the cries of a woman. Many people passing by this railway station have heard the agonizing cry of the women in pain. Also there had been reports of other unsettling noises here as well. All of these make this station one of the most haunted stations. Most of these incidents happened at night when the trains had halted at the station. Because of all these stories very few people visit here at night.

Ludhiana Junction, Punjab

This is again a name in the list of most haunted railway station in India. Here people have reported witnessing the spirit of a former computer reservation system officer. According to reports the officer loved his job way too much to leave the office even after his demise. He died in 2004 and still he stays at the railway station and often visits the room that he used to sit in. Furthermore according to rumours if anybody tries to sit in the room that was earlier his work space, they invite ill fate. This is a fully functional station but the stories make this railway station one of the most haunted stations in India.

Mulund Railway Station, Mumbai

This is yet another station in Mumbai where people have reported of witnessing ghosts. This is a station where people have witnessed various incidents related to paranormal experiences. Many times people have reported hearing loud wails or sounds of crying. According to beliefs the people who have lost their lives here due to some mishap or accidents still wanders here at the station.

M G Road Metro Station, Gurgaon

This is not a railway station but a metro station that is again famous for ghosts. According to beliefs a woman who died here in an accident years ago still haunts this place. Many people have reportedly seen her roaming around clad in a white saree. That itself gives a very eerie feeling right?

Wrapping Up!

So these are all the railway stations that are famous as locations where the ghosts and spirits wander. Mostly the stories attached to these locations are something that creates the scary feel here. However there had been no full proof regarding any of the stories related to these stations. Everything is based on the basis of what people heard and understood about these locations.

Furthermore people mostly try to avoid locations like this as well. But there are also a group of people who prefer visiting here to witness the eerie feel or spooky vibe. Are you one of those adventurers or would you rather like to dismiss this experience? Let me know if you are planning to explore any of the most haunted railway stations in India. Also do not forget to let me know if this article is helpful for you in knowing about these haunted stations.

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