Festivals of Telangana, Telangana Festivals List

by Surojit Palmal
Festivals of Telangana

As a state Telangana is the eleventh largest state and also it is one of the most populated states in India too. And when so many people are involved here, obviously the festivals are bound to be gorgeous and lively too. Moreover it is also one of the most cultural states as well. As the state has been ruled by various dynasties at different times, it also holds a lot of historical relevance as well. Moreover the festivals celebrated here are a reflection of both the history as well as the culture. These festivals of Telangana are colourful, vibrant and rich in traditions. As close as the state holds on to its traditions, similarly the famous festivals of Telanagna are majorly examples of their culture.

Also the traditional festivals of Telangana can be festivals that would give you a deeper insight about the state and its location as well. So if you are someone who is interested in knowing about the cultural relevance and importance of Telangana then knowing about the main festivals of Telangana can be helpful. So keep on reading this article because here I will mention Telangana festivals list along with details. It will surely be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip there anytime soon.

Festivals of Telangana


Bonalu Festival of Telangana
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most vibrant festivals of Telangana which is a tribute to Goddess Mahakali. The festival takes place during the month of July-August. It is one of the major festivals of Telangana, however even states like Hyderabad and Secunderabad celebrate it too. In the month of Ashada special puja takes place for Yellama, one of the forms of Goddess Mahakali.

 In a way this festival is sort of a thanksgiving ceremony for the Goddess. Furthermore the people also worship other forms of the Goddess like Pochamma, Maisamma, Peddamma, Nookalamma, Poleramma, Maremma etc. Women of the state prepare rice along with jaggery and milk in a new earthen pot or brass pot. They lit a lamp and put the pot on top of it. Later they carry those pots on their head to make an offering in front of the Goddess. They also offer saree, bangles, turmeric and vermillion along with that.

Additionally it is also one of the festivals where the women get a chance to dress up in their beautiful traditional wear. From lehenga cholis to sarees the ladies make sure they are wearing their best traditional wear. A huge number of devotees attend this festival every year to pay their obedience to the Goddess. With colourful processions, folk dances as well as elaborate rituals this festival is one of the most important festivals of Telangana.


Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is again one of the major festivals of Telangana that welcomes autumn. The festival takes place in the month of September-October. It is basically a Hindu flower festival that the people in Telangana celebrate. Other than that even some parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh also celebrate this festival as well. With beautiful floral arrangements, cultural programmes, and traditional dance the people celebrate this festival. However this one is a 9 day long festival celebrated in accordance with the Satavahana calendar. It starts in the month of Pitru Amavasya and corresponds to Durga Puja and Navratri.

In Telugu language Bathukamma means the “Mother Goddess Come Alive”. Therefore it is also the festival of femininity as well. The women in Telangana get decked up in their best traditional outfits and traditional accessories and jewelleries. You can very well get an idea of the cultural aspect of the state through the celebration of this particular festival. Moreover this is a festival of community bonding as well with a lot of song, dance and celebrations. If you are ever visiting Telangana keep in mind the dates of the main festivals of Telangana. In that way you would be able to get deeper into the culture of the land.


Now this festival doesn’t need an introduction on its own. It is one of the major festivals of Telangana that is also celebrated in many other states as well. With much spirited enthusiasm Dussehra has become one of the important festivals in Telangana. Mostly the festival takes place during the months of October-November. Furthermore this is a festival where the celebrations are done to triumph good over evil. With larger than life idols and elaborate processions the cultural heritage of Telangana reflects in full fervor.




This is undoubtedly one of the most important festivals in Telangana as this festival marks a new beginning. It is basically the New Year festival in Telangana that takes place in the month of April. With traditional rituals and grand traditional feast the people celebrate the festival with much love. Moreover this one is more of a cultural festival where families are involved. With visiting each other and holding cultural gatherings the celebratory spirits skyrocket. People in Telangana make special dishes to mark the festival. Later they indulge in a grand feast which is a big part of this festival as well. At last comes the exchange of wishes and prosperity for the whole upcoming year.

Peerla Panduga

This is again one of the important festivals of Telangana. What makes it even more special is the fact that this is one such festival that is celebrated by both Hindus and Muslims. In a way this festival also celebrates the cultural and religious diversity as well. If there can be one such festival in Telangana that highlights the spiritual discourses then it is this one for sure. The people here celebrate the festival with traditional performances, folk music, tribal fairs etc.



This is again one of the major festivals of Telangana that the state celebrates in the month of January. It is a cultural festival that the people of Telangana celebrate with a lot of merrymaking. Most important activity of this festival is kite flying. People of all ages indulge in the flying of kites and enjoy the festival. Also there are Telangana tribal fairs which reflect the traditions and culture of Telangana even more. Everything goes up to a notch higher with beautiful cultural performances. Along with that there are traditional folk songs and dance and of course a spread of traditional local cuisine. It is one of the vibrant festivals in Telangana that the people here celebrate with a lot of love.



This is one of the important festivals of Telangana of the Islam community. A generous population belonging to the faith of Islam resides in Telangana. Therefore the holy month of Ramzan holds a lot of importance for them. It generally takes place during the months of April-May. Through prayer and discipline the festival of Ramzan takes place. People belonging to Islam take part in prayers, fasting, and feasting as well as spiritual reflection. Alongside the festival also reflects a feeling of community bonding and religious tradition and values. For any people practicing Islam it is one of the most important festivals in Telangana.

Sammakka Sarakka Jatara

The people in Telangana celebrate this festival in the month of February. It is yet another important festival of Telangana. Basically this one is a tribal festival where the tribal communities gather together and pay their homage to the Goddess. Moreover this is one of the festivals that reflect the blend of spirituality and culture. You can understand many deep rooted traditions through the rituals of the festivals as well. Also the festival in a way celebrates the tribal people and the lifestyle of the people as well. Large scale gatherings are one of the many major highlights of this festival.


Maha Shivratri

This is yet another festival of Telangana that certainly doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the major religious festivals that the devotees of Lord Shiva celebrate with much enthusiasm. The state of Telangana is no exception. Telangana also celebrates Maha Shivaratri during the months of February-March. Many devotees visit the temples of Lord Shiva to seek his blessings on this auspicious event. They indulge in overnight prayers and fasting and then offer their prayer to God.

Kakatiya Utsavam

Celebrated during the month of December this is one of the festivals in Telangana. This festival is a way to pay homage to the great Kakatiya dynasty. The Kakatiya Dynasty had ruled the state of Telangana for a distinct period of time. With the Telangana State Fair this festival is celebrated here. Additionally there are some historical reenactments here as well that can give you a glimpse of the rich heritage of the rule. Alongside that the history and legacy of the region and state reflects through it. In a way this festival is a cultural festival to showcase the heritage, pride and rich history.

Hanuman Jayanti

The devotees of Lord Hanuman in the state of Telangana celebrate the festival of Hanuman Jayanti. This festival takes place in the month of April and is one of the important festivals of Telangana. Furthermore the devotees pray to Lord Hanuman for blessings, strength and power. There are activities like temple processions that the devotees arrange. Along with that through devotional songs and prayers the celebrations take place.

Yedupayala Yatra

Held in the month of June this is a rural folk festival in Telangana. This rustic festival is also one of the most important festivals of Telangana. Moreover the main aim of this celebration is to celebrate fertility and good harvest. Further the state celebrates through rural traditions and rituals, folk dance and music festivals. It is one of the colourful and vibrant festivals of Telangana.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to traditions and cultures the people of Telangana know how to preserve it. And that is exactly what the vibrant and famous festivals of Telangana reflect. For a person who wishes to visit Telangana, you can surely plan your visit around the traditional festivals of Telanagana. In that way you would get a good insight about the culture of the state too. Moreover some of the main festivals of Telangana are extremely colorful and vibrant too. With folk songs and folk dances these festivals reflect the true culture of the land.

Moreover the state looks and feels more beautiful as it gears up with the festivities. So if you are interested in checking that side of the state, then you need to certainly visit here during any of these festivals. I am sure you will enjoy your visit to the state a lot. So let me know when you are planning a visit here. And also let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning your visit. 

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