Best Durga Puja in Delhi 2024

by Surojit Palmal
Best Durga Puja in Delhi

Durga Puja is the biggest Bengali festival that the Bengalis are most passionate about. Earlier the festivity was only confined to Bengal. With time, the Bengalis started relocating and settling to different parts of the world, country and states. That made this festival a part of other states as well. If we talk about Delhi, a lot of Bengalis reside here and therefore Durga Puja in Delhi is one big event. If you are a Bengali living in Delhi then this list of Durga Puja in Delhi is going to be super helpful for you. In this article I will mention the famous Durga Pujas in Delhi. So don’t worry if you are unable to go to Bengal or Kolkata this year during Durga Puja. Here are the best Durga Pujas in Delhi that won’t let you miss your home this year.

13 Best Durga Puja in Delhi 2024

Kashmiri Gate Durga Puja

Kashmiri Gate
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Address: Bengali Sr Sec School, Alipore Road, Delhi

Nearest metro: Kashmere Gate

Kashmiri Gate or Kashmere Gate Durga Puja is one of the most popular as well as one of the oldest Durga Pujas in Delhi. This puja is more than 100 years old. After the shift of the British Raj from Kolkata to Delhi in 1911 a lot of government offices moved to Delhi and therefore a lot of Bengalis shifted from Kolkata to Delhi at that time. Amongst them, few Bengalis came together to start this community Durga Puja and it has been continuing ever since.

However the most attractive part of this Durga Puja is the traditional Daker Saaj of the idol that is surely going to steal your heart away. The puja organizers arrange different activities on the main days of the puja. Dashami is one of the main days for celebration and a huge crowd of people gather together as the idol is taken for immersion in the Yamuna River. You can surely visit this pandal this year.


Mayur Vihar 1 Kalibari Durga Puja

Durga Puja in Delhi

Address: Near Supreme Enclave Apartment, Mayur Vihar 1

Nearest metro: Mayur Vihar Phase 1

The Kalibari in Mayur Vihar is another popular Durga Puja spot in Delhi. This puja has been happening for the past many years and the visitors come here to enjoy Durga Puja to the fullest. Bhog is served here on all days of the Puja in the afternoon. Afterwards, many cultural events are conducted here by the organizers in the evening. The ambience here is very lively and you can surely visit this pandal this Durga Puja.

Matri Mandir Samity Safdarjung Enclave Durga Puja

Durga Puja Delhi

Address: B 2 Block, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi

Nearest metro: Green Park

The Matri Mandir Durga Puja will be celebrating their 53rd puja this year. The puja here is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour by the organizers. The locals also participate in the rituals and take part in activities. Their way of celebrating the puja is done in the best possible traditional way and the rituals are followed here very diligently. Another speciality of this puja is that, every year renowned artists were invited from Kolkata to build the pandal and construct the idol. The classic traditional Puja in Matri Mandir is one of the popular Durga Pujas in Delhi so do try visiting this Puja.

Chittaranjan Park Durga Puja

Chittaranjan Park or CR Park is one of the areas in Delhi that is known for its Bengali population. There are multiple reasons why this area is also known as the Mini Bengal. You won’t miss out on a single thing that you originally enjoy during the Durga Puja in Bengal. This posh locality is known for the best Durga puja Pandals in Delhi and therefore it is visited by a large number of people as well. The top Durga Pujas in Delhi NCR are mostly in the Chittaranjan Park area. The noteworthy of them are CR Park Kalibari, Mela ground CR Park Durga Puja, Cooperative Durga Puja , D Block, B Block and Navapalli. You can take an auto to explore the pandals in this area or you can also walk around and visit the pujas on foot.  

Chittaranjan Park Kalibari Durga Puja

famous durga puja Delhi

Address: CR Park Main Road, Kali Mandir Society, Chittaranjan Park, Doctor’s Road, New Delhi

Nearest metro: Nehru Place

This is one of the most traditional Durga Pujas in Delhi. The CR Park Kalibari Durga Puja is celebrated following all the rituals and traditions in the best way possible. You will be able to enjoy the quintessential Bengali feel here. The Puja pandal here is set up in front of the main ground of the premise. Several stalls for food and shopping are also set up here for the visitors. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Durga Pujas to visit in Delhi.

Mela Ground CR Park Durga Puja

Address: Near Raisina Bengali School, CR Park, Delhi

Nearest metro: Nehru Place

The Durga Puja in the Mela Ground of Chittaranjan Park is most popular for the traditional way of celebrating the puja. Organizers of this puja also make sure that the visitors feel at home. There are various events which are one of the main attractions of this puja. This puja is also known as their biggest idols in Delhi.

Furthermore the ambience here is ever so lively with the Dhaki playing Dhak . You can also enjoy the famous Dhunuchi Naach here. If we talk about the Bhog, they make it delicious. Bhog is distributed to the visitors here who relish Prasad with all their heart. Overall the ambience here totally feels like you are in Bengal. So do pay a visit to this Durga Puja this year and this can surely be the closest you can be to your home, even by being far from there.  

Co Operative Ground Durga Puja Samity CR Park

Address: Block J, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Nearest metro: Nehru Enclave

The Durga Puja of Cooperative Ground Puja Samity is known for their theme pandals. This puja is one of the famous and most visited ones in Delhi. This year they will be celebrating their 48th year of Puja. Along with the stunning idol and the artistic pandals, they set up a number of stalls that offer delicious food items. Other stalls selling clothing items, items of home décor are also seen. The ambience is very lively here and you will surely enjoy it a lot if you visit this puja ground this year.

Minto Road Puja Samity Durga Puja

Address: Meeting Point of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg and Ahalya Bai Road, Delhi

Nearest metro: Rajiv Chowk

This puja Committee has been celebrating Durga Puja since 1940. The puja started here when few Bengalis came together to host Durga Puja in the traditional way. It is one of the oldest Durga pujas held in Delhi. This Durga Puja mostly focuses on the rituals and traditions attached to the puja. The setup including the pandal and the idol is very simple and the beauty of the puja lies in its simplicity. They have even won a lot of awards for their Durga Puja. A lot of cultural programmes are organized by the committee during the evenings to entertain the visitors. Bhog Prasad is also served to everyone who visits the puja.

Timarpur and Civil Line Puja Samity

Oldest durga puja delhi

Address: 61/123, Lucknow Road, West Vinod Nagar, Timarpur, New Delhi

Nearest metro: Vishwavidyala

The Timarpur and Civil Line Durga Puja is one of the pujas that has been continuing for more than a century now. The puja was first started in 1914. The main aim of the puja committee here is to continue the puja following all the traditions. The puja here is known for its idol as the idol here is beautifully made in the most traditional way possible. This puja committee has gone through some really rough patches of financial struggles but they still maintained their enthusiasm to celebrate the puja all these years. Today also this puja is continuing with its glory.

Moreover, this puja is held with much support and participation from the locals of that area and some non residents as well. The most beautiful part is the immersion process of the Goddess on the day of Vijaya Dashami. If you are interested in observing the rituals then you can visit the Geeta Ghat on the Dashami day where the idol is immersed. You will surely enjoy this experience.

Arambagh Durga Puja Samity

Address: Arambagh, Panchkuian Road, Delhi

Nearest metro: Ramakrishna Ashram Marg

If you are familiar with the big budget Durga Pujas in Kolkata that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and grandeur, this puja will look familiar to you. The Arambagh Durga Puja is one of the big budgeted Durga Puja in Delhi that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The pandal, the idol and the decoration everything here looks royal and grand. This puja is the ideal example of an exquisite puja. You will be surprised and amazed at the beautiful pandal here. Every year they organise theme pujas that sometimes go up to a budget of even 2 crores. Therefore you can understand you will be missing out on a beautiful and grand celebration of Durga Puja if you do not visit this Puja Pandal.

Antaranga Durga Puja, Mayur Vihar

Address: Trilokpuri , New Delhi

Nearest metro: Mayur Vihar 1

This is one of the newest Durga Pujas in Delhi. The puja was started in 1993. This puja is conducted by a NGO formed by Bengali people. The main aim of this community is to promote and restore eastern culture. Every ritual is followed in a very traditional way. Alongside, various cultural programmes are organized by the committee during the evenings. The cultural programmes also promote Indian traditional art and culture. Another important thing is their belief in charity. Different charitable events are also organized by them as they believe Durga Puja is about giving. 

Milani Puja Committee Mayur Vihar 1 Durga Puja

Address: Near Supreme Enclave Apartments, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi

Nearest metro: Mayur Vihar 1

Another famous Durga Puja in Delhi is the Milani Puja Committee in Mayur Vihar. This Durga Puja is known for their clean and neatly decorated pandal.  The committee comes up with unique concepts for theme pujas every year. The idol is also very beautiful here. The puja pandal is set up in a park near the Supreme Enclave Apartment and the ambience is beautiful and homely here.

Durgotsav GK 2

Address: Uday Shankar Park, E Block, GK 2, Delhi

Nearest metro: Greater Kailash

Durgotsav in GK 2 is a relatively posh and elite Durga Puja in Delhi that is visited by the elite crowd. One of the main attractions of this pujo is the special diet Bhog served here that is made with organic ingredients and olive oil. However this Durga Puja is one of the newer Durga Pujas in Delhi. This committee has been celebrating the Puja for the last 21 years. Bhog Prasad is served to everyone on all 4 days of the puja and various cultural programmes are also arranged. You can surely make a visit to this puja pandal and enjoy the festivities.  

If you were searching for the Durga Puja near me, sitting in Delhi, then I am sure this article was helpful for you. This year Durga Puja is going to be super happening for you in Delhi itself because Delhi has a lot of good options. These famous durga pujas in Delhi will surely give you the feeling of your home. Start with your plans for Durga puja days this year in advance because Durga Puja is not very far. Visit the durga pujas in Delhi and enjoy the tunes of festivity and have a great time.

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