Traditional Dress of Bihar, What is the Traditional Dress of Bihar

by Surojit Palmal
Traditional Dress of Bihar

We all know how India is a land of diversity and diverse cultures. And if there can be something that reflects the culture to the fullest it is the outfits of a particular region. With each area you can notice a distinct way of dressing up. And that necessarily reflects a lot about the heritage, tradition and culture of that location. Furthermore, to understand a region better, dress can necessarily be one of the most important factors. Now when it comes to Bihar do you know how typically a person from Bihar dresses? Here I will let you know about the traditional dress of Bihar to you all for a better understanding.

Bihar does have some of the most beautiful traditional dresses and we know so little about it already. After all Bihar is just not only about Bodh Gaya and Litti Chokha. So if you are interested to know more about Bihari traditional dress then you should keep reading. Here I will give you an insight about what is the traditional dress of Bihar. And with that you will also acquire knowledge about their culture to a lot of extent. So keep on reading because this will be a helpful read for you if you are interested to know about Bihar traditional dress.

Traditional Dress of Bihar

Tussar Silk Sarees

Now a lot of us know that Bihari women love flaunting their beautiful sarees. But when it comes to that one particular variant that is most loved it is the Tussar Silk sarees. This traditional dress of Bihar is available in vibrant and beautiful colours. Furthermore the people of Bihar mostly prefer vibrancy in their outfits. And this traditional dress of Bihar is no exception either. The existence of tussar silk however goes back a long way. This kind of material had been there since the ancient era. And even today this is loved unconditionally in Bihar.

Worn like a normal saree, these tussar silk sarees are worn elegantly. However the distinct style is how the pallu of this saree is taken around the shoulder. Even though with modern day styling even the style of draping has changed to a lot of extent. But the love for tussar silk remains timeless. India is the second largest producer when it comes to tussar silk. And a major chunk of the production happens in Bihar as well. Ideally that makes the tussar silk sarees more accessible for the people in Bihar. On occasions or gatherings you will get to see the women in Bihar wearing this elegant saree. The rich border and the beautiful quality makes all the difference. You can surely keep one tussar silk saree in your collection if you are a saree lover.

Dhoti Mirjai/ Mirzai

Even though Dhoti doesn’t really need an introduction I think not everyone is familiar with Mirjai or Mirzai or Mirzaee. Dating back to the 19th century, previously mirjai was a garment worn on the upper body. It was very similar to jackets. Along with long loose sleeves a lot of men even used to prefer wearing mirjai under their jackets as well. Mirjai can be called a very beautiful mix of a shirt and a kurta. You can even interchangeably buy them as well. For example, you can buy a mirjai themed shirt or a mirjai looking like a typical shirt. Yes that is exactly how this one looks like.

Furthermore mirjai is also lovingly called the flowing jama or the flowing attire. Because of its loose fit towards the end it looks flowy. It is a good replacement to kurta in Bihar. Mostly younger men in Bihar are seen wearing mirjai. Mostly worn with a dhoti, it is a popular traditional dress in Bihar. For occasions or cultural gatherings you can spot men in Bihar wearing this. However, with the fashion changing the way of wearing this traditional dress of Bihar also changed. These days men even wear mirjai with a pair of jeans. And yes that looks quite cool too. So if you are a fashion enthusiast you might like to try your hands on this outfit. This is definitely a vibrant outfit that looks really good.

Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama is something that is mostly worn by the elderly in bihar. This traditional dress of Bihar is not something unique though. You can find a kurta and a pajama in many other states in India as well. And what makes it so popular everywhere including bihar is of course the comfort factor. It is comfortable and very convenient to wear on a daily basis. Furthermore the elderly section in Bihar prefers to wear a white kurta and pajama on a regular basis. However for occasion even colourful kurtas are also spotted. Even the younger generation prefers wearing vibrant and colourful kurtas.

Not just that, the people in Bihar sometimes prefer to wear a waist coat along with it. For that added dose of elegance a lot of times the men are seen wearing a vibrant waistcoat on top of a solid coloured kurta. And that looks very elegant as well. Moving on to the pajama it is almost like a replacement to Dhoti. And it is one of the most popular traditional dress of Bihar as well.


Even if pajamas are right now leading with some scores, dhoti is not behind at all. Traditionally Dhoti was something that was worn by the majority of men in Bihar. However with time it has decreased a little. Nevertheless it is also one of the popular traditional dress of Bihar. It is basically a single piece of cloth tucked around the waist. This is a bottom wear that is extensively popular in many other states in India as well. However the styles of wearing it vary from some states to the other. In Bihar Dhoti is worn in a regular way.

Here one side of the cloth is tucked in the waist. The other side however goes in between the legs and then tucked in the back. If you have never tried wearing a Dhoti you must try it once. For the next big cultural event, try this traditional dress of Bihar and surprise everyone.

Saree Lehenga

Saree Lehenga

No no! These are not two different dresses. I mean, yes, they are different. But here they are one. Let me explain this riddle to you. We are mostly accustomed with a saree and a lehenga. But in Bihar you get to see this unique style of dressing. Furthermore this traditional dress of Bihar is basically a mix of a saree and a lehenga. Here the bottom wear is a lehenga which is like a flowy skirt. And with it the dupatta is attached. Further the dupatta is draped on the upper part of the body just like a saree.

So from the upper portion the draping would exactly be like a saree. And the lower portion is lehenga. I hope now you got my point. So next time when you are wearing your regular lehenga, try wearing it in the style of Bihari traditional dress. It would be a good change for you for sure.



And when it comes to the wedding attire for Bihari men then the most popular choice is Sherwani. Worn in a variety of styles and colours it is a popular traditional dress in Bihar for men. Even during various occasions or cultural programs you can find the men in Bihar wearing a Sherwani. Most of the time, these Sherwanis have very heavy work done on them. Furthermore with embroidery and zari work these look elegant and gorgeous. Appropriate for festive season and weddings sherwani is one of the most worn traditional dress in Bihar.


One of the most common bottom wear lungi is another traditional dress of Bihar. Just like other states lungi is loved in Bihar as well because of the comfort. Even modern day women also sometimes prefer wearing them casually at home. It is a regular piece of cloth tied from the waist and let loose from the bottom. It can be that ideal saviour during humid summer months. In this particular outfit you can enjoy a lot of breathing for sure.


Wrapping Up!

Even though there is nothing too striking in the traditional dress of Bihar, nevertheless they are elegant. And what makes them attractive is how they have been incorporated in their daily lives as well. I know a lot of you had no idea about the presence of so many traditional dresses in Bihar. But now I guess you have a good idea about the Bihari traditional dress.

So now check out the traditional dress of Bihar images first. And then tell me what outfit intrigued you the most. Did you feel like trying any particular outfit that has been mentioned here? Also next time when you visit Bihar give extra attention to the traditional dress of Bihar. You would be amazed at how conveniently they have included these outfits in their modern lifestyles as well. Of course with some tweaks and some fusion, people in Bihar love their traditional outfits. Let me know what you think about these dresses? I would love to know that. 

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