Traditional Dress of Andhra Pradesh

by Surojit Palmal
Traditional Dress of Andhra Pradesh

India is diversely beautiful in its own way. And how do we differentiate one state from another? Mostly we concentrate on things like the culture of the state, their traditions and even lifestyle. But a lot of times we tend to forget the important role that the style of dressing has. We cannot ignore the importance of a traditional dress of a state. It is just not about beautiful dresses, but it is also about the type of culture those dresses carry along. Just like that if we talk about Andhra Pradesh, how many of us notice the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh? But to understand the culture better we must not ignore this also.

Furthermore, out of all the things, the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh people would also let you understand the history of the state better. Also the Andhra Pradesh traditional dress are vibrant and lively and elegant. If you are interested to know more about the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh then keep on reading. In this article I will mention what is the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. I am sure it will be a helpful read for you if you are interested to know about Andhra Pradesh.

Traditional Dress of Andhra Pradesh

Langa Voni

This one is a lesser known traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. However it is something that the women of Andhra Pradesh love wearing during traditional events. It is a half saree, half lehenga sort of a dress. Previously this dress was only popular in Andhra Pradesh but later it got popular in the rest of South India as well.

Furthermore this is a three piece traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. The dress consists of a blouse, a heavy skirt and a heavy embellished dupatta. For this outfit the bottom wear is a skirt that looks vibrant and colorful. It is also available in different variants. And on the upper body the blouse is worn. However the special part of this outfit is the heavy dupatta.

In this traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh the skirt is known as Langa and the dupatta is known as the Voni. Most of the time silk or cotton materials are used for this outfit. Previously this was a simple attire. But at present heavy embroidered works are more popular in this outfit. Also nylon, georgette, chiffon and crepe materials are also introduced as the materials of this outfit nowadays. The dupatta in this half saree is draped in such a way that it almost looks like a south Indian saree. When in Andhra Pradesh you can surely check out this Andhra Pradesh traditional dress for yourself.

Dharmavaram Sarees

Originally made in Dharmavaram of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh this is a popular traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. The Dharmavaram saree also has a Geographical Indication of Goods. This is a popular dress when it comes to any traditional event in Andhra Pradesh. You can find the women of Andhra Pradesh wearing beautiful vibrant shades of the Dharmavaram sarees. Furthermore there is a speciality of this saree. Other than being a festive wear it is also one of the most worn outfits for Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dances. Woven by hand with mulberry silk and intricate zari work the craftsmanship is totally appreciable.

Furthermore the Dharmavaram sarees are used by brides as well. A popular choice for bridal outfits, the saree is heavy. It is mostly worn during the cooler months or during winter season. The silk fabric along with the Zari brocade work looks elegant. Whole body of the saree has a contrasting pallu that makes it even more attractive.

If you are a saree lover who loves collecting sarees from different areas, you need this in your collection. It can undoubtedly be one of your most treasured purchases. So next time when you are travelling to Andhra Pradesh make sure you are checking this traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh.

Mangalgiri Sarees

This is yet another popular dress of Andhra Pradesh that has a Geographical Indication for handicraft. Originated from Mangalagiri, a town in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh this is one of the elegant outfits in Andhra Pradesh. The weaving of this saree goes back 400 years ago. These sarees are weaved with the help of pit looms and after that the fabric is dyed.

One of the characteristic features of these sarees are its looks. These sarees have intricate weaving on its border with zari. However there is no work done on the body of the saree. As Andhra Pradesh is known as the holy land of Lord Narasimha, these sarees have a spiritual purpose as well. The devotees visiting the Narasimha Temple use these sarees for devotional purposes. Furthermore this makes this saree even more special.

The Mangalgiri sarees are mostly known for their intricate weaving techniques. Known for its finest craftsmanship and mastery, these sarees are timeless classics. The Nizam border inspired by religion, nature and culture attracts attention. Also the work is done with golden or silver metallic thread or zari that makes all the difference.

Furthermore the Mangalgiri sarees are also known for their comfort and durability. According to the work done on it they can be worn both on regular days as well as during occasions. These sarees are like the pride of Andhra women and they flaunt them with much elegance. It also reflects the rich tradition, heritage and culture of the state.

Kalamkari Sarees / Kalamkari Salwars and Kurtis

It is not exactly about the outfit but about the print. Kalamkari is basically a type of hand printed cotton textile originating from Andhra Pradesh. There are a lot of unique factors of this Kalamkari print and it is intricately made. 23 steps are required for the making of this textile cotton and only natural dyes are used. 

Furthermore sarees, salwars and kurtis made of Kalamkari are very popular in Andhra Pradesh. This traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh also has a Geographical Indication under handicraft goods. Basically Kalam means pen and Kari means art. And this style includes free hand drawing and then filling of colours in it.

Previously Kalamkari was known as Patachitra and later it became a popular traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. Not just that the Kalamkari print is popular even outside the state. A lot of handloom retailers focus on making Kalamkari outfits. Furthermore even big designer brands are including this style as a part of their collection. The fabric is very comfortable and therefore makes it one of the popular choices as well.

If you are in Andhra Pradesh you must explore the variety of this fabric. I am sure you would grab a piece or two of this traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. The craftsmanship, comfort and the vibrancy of this traditional Andhra Pradesh dress would make you fall in love with it.


This is not exactly an attire but the Lambadies are basically a tribal group of Andhra Pradesh. However the outfit worn by them is a popular traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. The men of this tribe mostly prefer wearing basic Dhoti Kurta but the outfit of women is unique. Women of this tribe wear ankle length skirts with heavy bottoms along with blouses. Somehow this dress is similar to the traditional dress of Rajasthan. Along with that the women also wear heavy dupattas with mirror work done on it. And for footwear they prefer wearing Mojadis which are colourful embellished closed shoes.

Furthermore these women from this tribe are dance performers. For that they wear these beautiful colorful dresses and beaded jewellery. Modern day women in Andhra Pradesh do not wear such heavy costumes. But at times they pair the skirt or the blouse with light work on it.



This is by far the most popular traditional dress not just in Andhra Pradesh but in many other states. Kurta is a popular traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh men and is paired with Dhoti, Pyjama or Lungi. It is an outfit worn in the upper body which is loose fitted. The fabric of this outfit is breathable and therefore is utterly comfortable as well. You can see most of the men in Andhra Pradesh wearing this outfit during cultural events and occasions. Furthermore, traditionally kurtas were made of cotton. However with time a lot of materials are used nowadays. But nothing can beat the comfort and popularity of the good old cotton kurta.

dhoti kurta andhra pradesh
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons


Like many other states, even lungi is a traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh. It is a piece of cloth worn as a bottom wear. What makes it most popular is the comfort and convenience. On a regular basis a lot of men in Andhra Pradesh prefer wearing lungi. Also they have white lungi that they even wear during religious functions and cultural events as well.


This is yet another very popular outfit for men in Andhra Pradesh. Dhoti as a traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh is loved by men here. Mostly this is like casual wear and the white coloured Dhotis are most popular. Furthermore nowadays even designer dhotis are quite popular. Worn during cultural gatherings and occasions, Dhoti is wrapped around the waist. This is a traditional dress that has different ways of wearing it in many other states. If you have never tried wearing a dhoti then I suggest you wear it once. I am sure you will enjoy wearing this traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh



Surely a shirt should not fit in the category of traditional dresses. But with modernity and modern lifestyle shirts are used like a substitute for kurta. As shirts are shorter in length, a lot of men wear shirts with their traditional dhoti and lungi. You might see a lot of men in Andhra Pradesh pairing a white shirt with a lungi or a dhoti. If you are intrigued enough, you can also try wearing a shirt once with your traditional bottom wear. And enjoy the fun yourself.

Wrapping Up!

So now that you have a good idea about the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh let me know which attire attracted you. The traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh tells a lot about the culture and heritage of the state. Furthermore the existing lifestyle is also visible if we observe the traditional dress of Andhra people. Now I guess you have a better understanding about this state and its dresses. Check out the traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh images and let me know if you find them attractive. And let me know if this article is helpful for you.

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