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by Surojit Palmal
Mehandipur Balaji Temple

India is a land full of mysteries, stories, myths, beliefs and faiths and a lot more. If you are interested in exploring the true essence of the country you will find so much here. From unique experiences to beliefs of people to faiths that people believe in, there is a vast area to explore. And there are some locations here that will offer you experiences that would force your thinking into a different direction altogether. We all know how India as a country keeps its beliefs, religion and faith close. Moreover the temples in India are a major site for the devotees where they visit to get blessings of Gods and Goddesses. One such important temple in India is the Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

This is a temple, which is not merely a religious sight. Along with being a site of pilgrimage this temple holds a lot of mystery, legends and wonders. Mehandipur Balaji is a temple where people visit to get rid of evil powers and to get relief from Black Magic. Such is the importance of this temple that people from various parts of the country and beyond visit this temple in Rajasthan to get rid of evil spells. This is not like a regular temple and visiting here might be a different experience altogether. If you are interested to know everything about this temple keep on reading this article. Here I will mention everything that you probably need to know about the Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Location: Mehandipur, Tehsil Sikrai, Rajasthan

Mehandipur Balaji Temple timing: 

7 am to 9 pm on all days. The timing of morning darshan is from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. And the timing of morning aarti is from 6:15 am to 6:45 pm during summer and from 6:25 am to 6:55 am during winter. The timings of evening darshan is from 12 pm to 8:30 pm and the timings of evening aarti is from 7:15 pm to 7:45 pm during summers and from 6:35 pm to 7:05 pm during winters.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to reach Mehandipur Balaji

By air

If you are travelling by air the nearest airport to reach the temple is the Jaipur Airport. From the airport the Mehandipur Balaji Temple distance is 110 km and it takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach there. You can take a bus or take a cab or hire a taxi to reach the temple from the Jaipur Airport.

By train

If you are travelling by train the nearest railway station is Bandikui Junction. From the railway station the Mehandipur Balaji Temple is 34 km away. It would take around 45 minutes to reach the temple from the railway station. You can take a car or take local transport or a bus to reach the temple from there. However the major railway station to reach Mehandipur Balaji is the Jaipur Junction. From the Jaipur Railway station the temple is located at a distance of 108 km. You can reach the temple from the railway station in about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

By road

 From major cities like Delhi and Agra there are regular buses plying on this route. You can easily get buses from major cities and towns to reach here. Buses are also available from Jaipur as well which you can opt for. If you want you can also travel by your own vehicle. Or else you can take a car or hire a cab as well to reach this temple from different locations.

Overview of Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Overview of Mehandipur Balaji Temple
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This temple in Rajasthan is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. As Lord Hanuman is popular as Sankat Mochan or someone who would save people from distress this is an important temple located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. Here Lord Hanuman is popular as Lord Balaji and from there the temple got prominence as the Mehandipur Balaji Temple. The devotees of this temple believe that the temple and the God here hold magical power. These magical powers can help get rid of any curse or spell. Also there are beliefs about Mehandipur Balaji Temple ghost and spirit. The devotees further believe that the temple can provide a counter curse to get rid of ghosts, spirits as well as spells of black magic.

History of Mehandipur Balaji Temple

This is one of the most famous temples in India which attracts a major number of devotees. However the deities of this temple go back 1000 years ago. According to popular beliefs the presiding deity of this temple, Lord Hanuman appeared on his own. It is not a deity that any artisan has sculpted or made. In the past the whole area of this temple was covered in dense vegetation. Ancestors of Shri Mahant Ji started worshipping Balaji here. One fine day the deities here came into the dreams of Mahant Ji. In his dreams Lord Balaji asked him to save him. And after this incident all of them started worshipping Lord Balaji.

Other than Lord Balaji there are deities of Pret Raj and Bhairav here as well. All of them are somehow related to ghosts and spirits. The devotees of this temple believe that the deities here possessed super powers. They can wield any sort of evil spirits and spells and help the devotees to get rid of the clutches of black magic spells. Huge number of devotees visit this temple every year to seek help from the God here so that they can get relief from the clutches of black magic.


Uniqueness of Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Uniqueness of Mehandipur Balaji Temple
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The Mehandipur Balaji is not like any regular site of pilgrimage. This is not your usual site where you will find peace or tranquility, it is neither peaceful or silent. A visit to this temple can be rather disturbing in a lot of ways. Moreover a visit here is definitely not for the faith hearted because of the visuals that you will notice here.

If you are someone who loves listening to horror stories or like watching horror films, some scenes from the temple would straight out look like scenes from those horror films. In fact there is a different vibe of this location as well, as many people have reported many times. According to reports a lot of people have felt a different kind of energy as soon as they have entered the village. Also some people have felt a different chill down their body even when it was really hot otherwise.

Furthermore the temple doesn’t even sound like a regular temple. Here you will not listen to the sounds of bells or chanting. Rather you will hear loud wails and screams of possessed men and women here. Moreover that sound can be too harsh to take as well. And unlike any other temple, there are no offerings to the God or you will not get any Prasad. In fact it is completely prohibited to eat anything here. Also here you will get black balls that you need to move around your body for 5 times and after that you will have to throw it into the Ritual fire.


Things to remember before visiting the Mehandipur Balaji Temple

1.       There is a hall in the temple where all possessed people come. They cry and wail in shrieking voices, while some of them get beaten by the pundits. All of this happens for them to get rid of the spells they are affected with. However this is not a very nice experience. Rather it can be too disturbing for the mind, so keep that in mind.

2.       There is a rule that after visiting here you must not consume any food and not even water.

3.       Also do not touch or talk to any stranger because it is believed that if anyone is possessed here you also might get affected. So make sure you don’t talk to strangers.

4.       While leaving the temple do not look back as it might invite an evil spirit.

5.       After you exit the premise of the temple you must at once leave the village and not stay back even for a minute.

6.       Also while you leave from here make sure you are not having a drop of water.

7.       Before visiting the temple do not have meat or any non veg food and onion and garlic. Also after a visit to the temple do not have non veg for a few days.

8.       If you have any food or water along with you make sure you empty all of that before leaving the village

9.       There are some rituals here that you need to follow in proper sequence.

Wrapping Up!

As unique and as diverse as a country India is, the experiences here are even more diverse. People here believe in different kinds of faiths and have trust in different sorts of beliefs. And you would not know a world like this exists if you don’t visit a location like the Mehandipur Balaji Temple. You can check out the Mehandipur Balaji Temple photos and you would get a faint idea about the location. However, you need to visit here on your own to understand how much belief people have over the powers of this temple. Furthermore if you are someone who doesn’t believe in things like ghosts, casts, spells and spirits a visit here would be thought provoking too.

So if you are ever visiting Rajasthan you can try to visit this temple for sure. Just make sure you are prepared for the experiences there. Let me know if you already had an idea about the existence of such a temple in the country. Also do not forget to let me know if this article on Mehandipur Balaji Temple is helpful for you to plan a visit to this location. 

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