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by Surojit Palmal
Kalkaji Mandir

Delhi is known for its breathtaking temples which are also really powerful. There are temples which are popular only because of the faith and trust the devotees have on the presiding deity. One such temple is the Kalkaji Mandir. Furthermore the Delhi Kalkaji Mandir is also one of the prominent temples that worship the Goddess Kali. Located in South Delhi the Kalkaji Mandir is one of the must visit sites of pilgrimage if you are in Delhi. So if you are interested then please keep on reading this article. Here I am going to mention each and every piece of information about the Delhi Kalkaji Mandir that you might need to plan a successful visit to this temple.

Kalkaji Mandir

Location: Ma Anandamayee Marg, NSIC Estate, Okhla Phase III, Kalkaji, New Deli

Kalkaji Mandir timings: The morning timings are from 4 am to 11:30 pm, then 12 pm to 3 pm and 4 pm to 11:30 pm on all days.

Temple remains closed from 11:30 am to 12 pm for offering Prasad to the deity and again remains closed from 3 pm to 4 pm for cleaning purposes.

Aarti timings in Kalkaji Mandir

6 am to 7:30 am and 6:30 pm to 8 pm during winters and 5 am to 6:30 am and 7 pm to 8:30 pm in summer.

Entry fee: The entry to the temple is free.

How to reach the Kalkaji Mandir Delhi

By metro

Travelling in a metro is by far the most convenient option that you can choose for reaching the Kalkaji Mandir. Kalkaji Mandir Metro station is the metro station that is near the temple. The Kalkaji Mandir distance is only 900 metres from there and it would take you around 10-11 minutes to reach there.

By bus

Delhi buses can be a little too crowded but still if you want you can reach the temple in the city buses as well. The nearest bus stop is the Kalkaji Mandir Stop and that is around 1.5 km away from the temple. However this is also the cheapest option of traveling to the temple. Furthermore, after getting off from the bus if you wish to walk till the temple then it would take you around 20 minutes to reach the temple from the bus stop.

Private vehicle

If you wish you can hire a car or book a cab to reach the temple. Also if you wish you can hire an auto rickshaw to reach the temple too. And if you wish to travel by your own personal vehicle then you can do that too. Furthermore the temple has the facility of car parking so that is a good thing.

About Kalkaji Mandir

Kalkaji Mandir
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Maa Shri Kalka Ji Mandir, Kalka Mandir and  Kalka Devi Temple, this is one of the most prominent and notable temples in Delhi. Even though the construction of the temple looks modern, according to legends the construction of this temple goes back to the Treta Yuga or the Silver Age. Furthermore according to learned religious pundits the most ancient sections of this temple goes back to 1764.This is one such temple in Delhi that is visited by more women than men. One of the major festivals celebrated in the Kalkaji Mandir Delhi is the Navratri festival. During that time there is a surge in the number of devotees here and the temple rises to its glory at that time too.

Who is Kalkaji?

According to Hindu Mythology Kalka Ji is a Hindu Goddess commonly known as Goddess Kali. Furthermore she is also believed to be the incarnation of Devi Durga. Characterized by extreme dark skin tone and fierce stance she is worshipped as the symbol of female power, aggression, intolerance and disobedience. The shrine of Kalkaji in Delhi is known as one of the Siddha Peetha which means fulfillment temple. Furthermore the temple is also known as Manokamana Siddha Peetha and Jayanti Peetha. The word Manokamana literally means wish fulfillment. It is believed that whoever worships Kalka Ji Maa with their pure heart, will get their wish fulfilled by her.

Legend of Kalkaji Mandir

According to popular folklore Goddess Kalka Ji was born at the present day location of the temple in the Aravalli Hills of Delhi. It is believed that millions and millions years ago many Gods and Goddesses used to reside at this spot in the Satya Yuga that is the Golden Era. However there were some giants who would always disturb and torture the Gods. Furthermore these Gods used to complain to the Gods of Gods Lord Brahma after they were tired with the torture.

However, once Lord Brahma gave this task to Devi Parvati. Devi Parvati got another Goddess Devi Kaushki and assigned her the job of killing the giants. She did that easily but there was a complication. The blood spilled from the giants was giving birth to more and more of them. Whenever the blood drop would hit the ground more giants were born.

 At that time Devi Parvati took the form of Devi Kali. She was fierce and powerful and she had the power to expand her size. Therefore she expanded her size so much that her upper lip would touch the sky while her lower lip would hit the ground. Furthermore, in that way whenever blood was getting spilled she drank all of it before it could hit the ground. This way both the Goddesses together eliminated the whole tribe of giants. Because of such a huge contribution Devi Kali was worshipped and she was requested to dwell in that area. Therefore from then she made this location her home.

Kalkaji Mandir History

About the construction of this temple and its date of construction there are specific theories. According to historians the Kalkaji Mandir dates back to 1764 AD. It is also believed that the Marathas built this temple at that period. However it is also said that just after almost 100 years in 1816 the treasurer of Mughal King Akbar Shah II, Mirza Raja Kidar Nath added his own bits to the temple. Furthermore after about another 100 years the temple took its present day form. The whole temple is said to be commissioned by the devotees through donations.

However, there is yet another story that states that the Pandavas and the Kauravas during the time of Mahabharata worshipped at this temple. Also it is believed that Devi Kalka Ji was born in the present day location of the temple. At present however the temple belongs to the Shamlat Thok Brahmins and Thok Jogians who take care of all the rituals that happen inside the temple.


Architecture of Kalka Ji Mandir

The main foundation of the Kalka Ji Temple is done with bricks and on top of that the temple is coated with plaster and marbles which looks truly elegant. There is a pyramid shaped tower that covers the outer construction of the temple. Furthermore there are 12 sides to the temple that leads to the central chamber with a door for each side. The length of each side measures 24 feet. All the doorways further open out to a gallery. The gallery is 8 feet and 9 inches wide with three more external doors therefore the total number of doorways are 36.

 Furthermore there is a carved marble pedestal at the center of the temple. On that the deity of Goddess Kali is kept. You can also see a stone engraving on the idol that spells her name in Hindi. On both the sides of the goddess there are statues of tigers made of red sandstone. While walking down the eastern doorway you can clearly spot the entire set up inside the temple. Further marble railings guard the deity of Goddess Kalka Ji.

Places to visit near the Kalkaji Mandir

Lotus Temple

This is a beautiful Bahai Temple that looks splendid in all white. It is a lotus shaped temple that is open for people of all religions. Furthermore the complex is really pretty with 9 ponds and 9 gardens inside. The temple is only a 10 minute walking distance from the Kalka Ji temple.


This is yet another popular temple in Delhi that is located only at a 1 km distance from the Kalka Ji temple. Also known as the Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir, this temple has the largest printed Bhagavad Gita. You can surely visit here from 4:30 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm.

Astha Kunj Park

Located only 800 meters away from the Kalka Ji Temple, the Astha Kunj Park is spread across 200 acres. The area is huge and offers a variety of options to you like playing cricket or football or taking leisurely walks or walking or jogging. Furthermore the park also has an open air gym inside that you can check out. You can find chairs around the park where you can sit down and relax for some time too.

Tughlaqabad Fort

This fort is only 6 km away from the Kalka Ji temple. Ghiyas ud din Tughlak made this fort in 1321. Most of the portion of this fort is in ruins at present but still the place retains its charm. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Delhi. You can surely visit here from 7 am to 5 pm in the evening.

Hauz Khas Forest

 This is like a 20 minute distance from the Kalka Ji Mandir. It is an enchanting park in the happening area of Hauz Khas in Delhi. You can surely visit here to enjoy some fresh air and have a relaxed time. The park is very popular among morning walkers and fitness enthusiasts.

Magnificent temples like the Sri Kalkaji Temple Delhi deserve all the attention. What makes a temple like this popular is the devotion of the devotees here. On regular days the temple remains crowded and the devotees here believe that their wishes will be fulfilled once they pay a visit to Goddess Kalka Ji. Furthermore from the architecture to the legend to the history of the Kalka Ji Temple everything makes this a must visit site of pilgrimage.

So if you are an ardent worshipper of Goddess Kali then you must make a visit to this temple. Even otherwise, if you are in Delhi you must visit this temple once to explore the beauty of this old construction. I am sure you will be mesmerized after visiting here once. So do let me know if this particular article was helpful for you in planning a visit to the Delhi Kalka Ji Temple.

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